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Kickstarter of the Week: Amerigo


Kickstarter of the Week - AmerigoWhen running your Kickstarter campaign, it helps to have an edge. Be it a famous name behind your game (Neil Gaiman in A Study in Emerald) or an established publisher with a proven track record (Tasty Minstrel Games). This weeks Kickstarter of the Week has both.

Amerigo is the newest game from the brilliant minds over at Queen Games. They are probably most notable for their 2012 Spiel des Jahres Winning game, Kingdom Builder (full review here). This time they are working with famed board game designer Stefan Feld (In the Year of the Dragon, The Castles of Burgundy, Macao). Feld has quite a track record of games and a really strong following.

So what is Amerigo all about? Amerigo is a eurogame for 2-4 players where they take on the role of an explorer. They will journey to discover new lands, plan and build settlements and collect resources.The most interesting thing about Amerigo is probably the special dice tower. This tower powers the game mechanism that determine a players action choices on their turn.

Amerigo Dice Tower

From the kickstarter:

Through the clever use of a special dice tower, the game play in Amerigo has a new and innovative mechanism that determines the possible actions a player may take during his or her turn. This creates both a strategic (long range planning) and tactical (immediate action) game.

Players drop cubes of a particular color (action) into the tower. Each of the 7 cube colors relates to one of the 7 actions a player may take. With the patented tower design, the cubes that are dropped into the tower may not all make it out and/or may not be the only ones that come out. This creates an exciting element that requires the player to adapt to the tactical situation (the actions available to the players that particular turn) yet still rewards a good overall (long range) strategy, capturing the game’s theme of exploration and discovery.

For the full basics of the game, head over to their kickstarter page now. A $65 dollar pledge will get you a copy of the game along with any stretch rewards. They game has already funded and they are closing in on the $50,000 stretch goal which will give every backer a copy of the the Feld game: It Happens…
You have until Sunday, June 9th to decide so head over there now if you want to become a backer.
Amerigo - a game of exploration and discovery by Stefan Feld -- Kicktraq Mini

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  1. The dice tower sounds really interesting to me. I haven’t experienced a game that takes that sort of prop and places it central to game-play. Cudos to them on that innovation.

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