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PortalCon 13

PortalCon 2021 Streaming Online This Saturday

Portal Games (Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game, Robinson Crusoe, Neuroshima Hex) annual convention is regularly held this time of year in Poland. However,...

Game Reviews

Kanban EV

Kanban EV Review

While my tastes vary widely, generally I prefer medium-to-heavy strategy games and I consider Kanban to be the standard-bearer that I measure all others...

Top Ten Game Lists

Top 10 Board Games of 2020

Top 10 Board Games of 2020

Tony and Andrew are back again to wrap up the year with our Top 10 Board Games of 2020. Last year, I brought Andrew...

Kickstarters of the Week

Kickstarters of the WEek

Kickstarters of the Week: 1/18

January continues and it looks like the annual Kickstarter draught my finally be starting to let up. I'm seeing some really interesting campaigns on...

Digital Board Game Reviews

Wingspan Digital

Wingspan Digital Review

“Birds are not aggressive creatures, Miss. They bring beauty into the world. It is mankind, rather... It is mankind, rather, who insists upon making...

Kickstarter Game Previews


Herobane Preview

Note: This preview uses pre-release components and rules. What you see here may be different from the final, published game. This post was a paid...
Tall Tales

Tall Tales Preview


Twinkle Preview


P’achakuna Preview

Nuts N Guts

Nuts N Guts Preview

Quest Lists

Most Anticipated Board Games of 2021

Most Anticipated Board Games of 2021

2021 is here and with it comes the promise of new gaming goodness. It's still too soon to tell if we'll have board game...

Quick Hits from the Vault

Marvel Champions Review

Quick Hits: Marvel Champions: The Card Game Review

It's time for another Quick Hits from the Vault, the series where many of the BGQ team gathers together to give you our quick...

Level Up My Game

Get Jester

I Tried Out GetJester — the “Try Before You Buy” Board Game...

This week I had the opportunity to try out a new board game delivery service, GetJester.com. The premise is very much like most subscription delivery...

Controlled Area Gaming

Game Designers

Documenting Designing

Being on camera is not easy. If you’ve ever tried to film something for YouTube or other social media where you need to share...

Rumblings from the Deep

Rise of the $1 Backer

The Rise of the $1 Backer

How many of you have backed a Kickstarter project before? Show of hands? Yes, about all of you, that's what I've figured. Now how...

Parental Guidance

How to Raise a Gamer: Part 1 – To Lay Tiles or...

This is a guest post from Chris and Damian Biewer. COVID-19 has forced a lot of “quality” time with the family. Board games have been...

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