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Remnants Review

Like most gamers, I’m drawn to certain themes more than others. And for me, I’m a total sucker for post-apocalyptic games. There are so...

Top Ten Game Lists

Top 10 Cooperative Games

Top 10 Cooperative Board Games

Cooperative games are STILL one of my favorite genres of board games. They allow me to play a game with friends and family, and...

Board Game News

PAX U Alex

PAX: Games We Played and Saw

PAX Unplugged has offerings for every flavor of gamer, from the novice to the veteran, from the board gamer to the RPG players, from...

Kickstarters of the Week

Kickstarters of the Week

Kickstarters of the Week: 12/10

Welcome to this week's batch of our Kickstarters of the Week. In case you missed it last week, the last of the year's board...

Kickstarter Game Previews

The Cats of Ulthar

The Cats of Ulthar Preview

Note: This preview uses pre-release components and rules. What you see here may be different from the final, published game. This post was a paid...

iOS Board Game Reviews

Among the Stars iOS

Among the Stars iOS Review

Card drafting games are among my favorite genres in tabletop gaming. I have played just about every new game that uses this mechanic and...

Controlled Area Gaming

Nefertitti Gameplay

What Makes A Good Auction Game?

Here at the Board Game Quest bunker/headquarters/nail salon, we’re hard at work endlessly discussing games. We take them apart. We beat them ‘til they...

Parental Guidance

Level Up My Game


Parsec Review

As our gaming group has gotten older, the amount of time that life demands on us has definitely increased. With new and growing families,...

Rumblings from the Deep

Keeping Dust Off Your Game Collection

How to Keep the Dust Off Your Game Collection

One of the things that many gamers struggle with is how to manage a gaming collection. If you live by the mantra that games...



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