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Board Game Gift Guide 2021

Board Game Gift Guide 2021

"Now what should I get for Aunt Martha who doesn’t know any board games besides Sorry!." If you identify with this situation, this article’s...

Game Reviews

Pancake Monster

Pancake Monster Review

If you are a regular reader of BGQ, you know that I'm constantly on the lookout for new games to entertain my pair of...

Top Ten Game Lists


Top 10 Games/Experiences of DoaMCon 2021

After a year of online gaming or two-player gaming with my wife, I have attended my first convention: the first ever Dads on a...


Marvel Champions Iron Man

Which Marvel Board Game Should You Play?

Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Marvel brand is as hot as it’s ever been. From t-shirts, to comic books, to movies, to...

Kickstarters of the Week

Kickstarters of the Week

Kickstarters of the Week: 11/29

December is just about here... well not yet. That would be Wednesday, but close enough at least. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving...

Digital Board Game Reviews

The Captain is Dead Digital

The Captain is Dead Digital Review

2020 was the year of digital gaming. Websites, simulators, and apps were in prevalent use, not only from the greater board gaming hobby but...

Kickstarter Game Previews

Marvel Dice Throne

Marvel Dice Throne: Captain Marvel vs. Black Panther Preview

Dice Throne has got quite a bit of play around BGQ-HQ. Many of us own at least a few characters. Some have gone all-in...

Quest Lists

Horror themed board games

Best Spooky Board Games to Play on Halloween

It’s game night. The best night of the week. And, truthfully, the only night of the week that even matters. You can’t wait to...

Level Up My Game


Unique Dice, Bags, and Trays from the Easy Roller Dice Company

Dice. Those multi-sided polyhedral that we all love to shake, rattle, roll, and sometimes banish to the "jail" container when they continuously roll poorly...

Controlled Area Gaming

Castle Tricon Video

Castle TriCon – Necessity Breeds Ingenuity

Even though 2020 is firmly behind us, the specter of those dark times remains. Much like the novel’s ending of Lord of the Rings,...

Rumblings from the Deep

Great Game, Bad Movie

Great Board Games That Would Make Bad Movies

As Board Game Quest’s self-professed movie person, I've been tasked with compiling a list of board games that would make terrible movies. (I'd like...

Quick Hits from the Vault

Marvel Champions Review

Quick Hits: Marvel Champions: The Card Game Review

It's time for another Quick Hits from the Vault, the series where many of the BGQ team gathers together to give you our quick...

Parental Guidance

How to Raise a Gamer: Part 1 – To Lay Tiles or...

This is a guest post from Chris and Damian Biewer. COVID-19 has forced a lot of “quality” time with the family. Board games have been...

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