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Palm Island

Palm Island Review

I'm sure many of us have discussed their "Desert Island Game" among friends. Much like book readers or movie fans have done, these are...

Kartel Review

Dr. Reiner Knizia is one of the most prolific game designers for modern hobby board games. Some of his games are among my favorites...
Ticket to Ride: New York

Ticket To Ride: New York Review

“I want to wake up in that city That never sleeps And find I'm king of the hill Top of the list Head of the heap King of the...
The Tale of Ord

The Tale of Ord Review

“I'm writing you today to urgently request the immediate assistance of your firm with investigating the whereabouts of two missing people... I've heard great...

Lowlands Review

When looking at the box and reading the copy, you would be tempted to put Lowlands on the “Suffering European Peasants” shelf next to...
Mystery of the Temples

Mystery of the Temples Review

Hobby board gamers are quick to categorize games as either euro games or thematic games. Many believe it's not possible for games with a...

Root Review

“Oh, look at those cute little woodland creature meeples,” I can hear you saying. Root certainly has all the looks of a carefree romp...



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