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Down in Flames

Down in Flames: WWII-Guns Blazing Review

Almost 30 years ago, a small software development company started by the man behind Star Wars created a seminal game that now ranks, to...
Cry Havoc: Aftermath Expansion

Cry Havoc: Aftermath Review

I remember Cry Havoc being one of the hot games releasing at Gencon 2016. This asymmetric, area control game did not disappoint me or...

Petrichor Review

Publisher Mighty Boards has really been coming out with a unique lineup of board games. First was Posthuman, their post apocalyptic survival game. Then...

Torres Review

Some games provide you with a wide-open sandbox of opportunity, with little to no limits on the number of actions you can take on...
Exodus Fleet

Exodus Fleet Review

Futuristic space themes and science fiction in general, usually tell stories about possibilities. These stories are a reflection of our current selves and how...
This War of Mine

This War of Mine: The Board Game Review

“In war, not everyone is a soldier…” – side of the box, This War of Mine: The Board GameIn November 2014, This War of...
Super Hack Orerride

Super Hack Override Review

Super Hack Override is a quick filler game where players will attempt to earn the respect and adoration of their fellow hackers without drawing...



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