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Trudvang Legends

The Legend of Trudvang Legends

Let us fill out another page in our chronicle…Each of the 113 updates for Trudvang Legends have started similarly. But what is the story...

Crowdfunding as an Investment

“You can sell it if you don’t like it.” “Backing this game is a good investment.” “You can back for a dollar now and put more...
Game Store

The Place Where Everyone Knows Your Name – in Support of your Friendly Local...

The board game industry has developed a number of fantastic resources in the past decade in order to promote gaming, help newcomers, and expand...
Rise of the $1 Backer

The Rise of the $1 Backer

How many of you have backed a Kickstarter project before? Show of hands? Yes, about all of you, that's what I've figured. Now how...
Keeping Dust Off Your Game Collection

How to Keep the Dust Off Your Game Collection

One of the things that many gamers struggle with is how to manage a gaming collection. If you live by the mantra that games...
Convention Game Sell Outs

Games That Sell Out Quickly at Conventions

Gen Con was a smash hit this year, with some 60,000+ attendees descending upon Indy for 4 days of passionate gaming. While there is...
Kickstarter Exclusives

Kickstarter Exclusives

Unless you are very new to our hobby, chances are you’ve at least browsed a tabletop game on Kickstarter at some point. In my...

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