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Arkham Horror Mother's Embrace

Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace Review

We don't normally review video games here at BGQ (well outside of digital board games), but when Asmodee Digital and Fantasy Flight Games (FFG)...
Lorenzo il Magnifico

Lorenzo il Magnifico Digital Review

Lorenzo il Magnifico is easily my favorite board game of all time, so when Cranio announced they had an official app available I jumped...
Roll for the Galaxy Digital

Roll for the Galaxy Digital Review

Publishers love creating variants of existing games with a new core mechanism. It allows them to capitalize on the success of one game and...
Wingspan Digital

Wingspan Digital Review

“Birds are not aggressive creatures, Miss. They bring beauty into the world. It is mankind, rather... It is mankind, rather, who insists upon making...
Root Digital

Root Digital Board Game Review

Root is a game we've played a lot here at BGQ HQ. It was our Game of the Year for 2018 and deservedly so....

Neuroshima Convoy Digital Review

Portal Game's Neuroshima world is one that I really enjoy. It's a post-apocalyptic setting where humanity has devolved into their own tribes and ideologies...
Street Masters Digital

Street Masters Digital Board Game Review

For those unfamiliar with it, Street Masters is a great combat-oriented game that takes me back to my days of playing Double Dragon and...

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