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Popular Insert Maker Game Trayz Gets Into Board Game Publishing


By now you probably already own a board game with one of those great plastic inserts made from Game Trayz. They’ve had their inserts featured in popular games such as PARKS, Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness, Tidal Blades, and Wingspan. They not only store everything perfectly, but as in the case of Chronicles of Drunagor, works terrain during the game.

Well apparently, they weren’t content to be just an accessory maker because they have announced an upcoming board game publishing by their imprint brand Game Trayz Lab. The goal of Game Trayz Lab is to create “new tabletop experiences with gameplay that centers around Game Trayz plastics.” What does that mean? I have no idea. But we’ll probably find out in Forsaken, their new board game coming to Kickstarter in 2022.

Interestingly, they haven’t designed their first game in house. Instead, they’ve tapped veteran game designers Travis Chance and Michael Mihealsick. Travis is best known for Path of Light and Shadow, Heroes Wanted, and Ruination. While Michael is one of the minds behind Flotilla and the upcoming, much delayed Onimaru.


“Far from the galactic core, Thyrria and its moons have been strip-mined and left for dead. Abandoned workers huddle together in makeshift settlements, struggling to survive in a world of scarce resources and lawlessness. Native nomads and bizarre creatures resurface to take back the wasteland. Factions and adventurers rise and fall, but only the greatest will be remembered in legend.

Forsaken is an immersive narrative adventure game where you take the role of a character looking to leave their mark in the harshest of worlds. Every character has a personalized branching story, with every path uniquely-tailored to the choices you make along the way. How will you change the face of Thyrria, and how will Thyrria change you?

On your turn, you’ll spend action points to move around and interact with different features on the planet map. Certain conditions can trigger events and encounters, which allow you an opportunity to permanently change the game and the emergent story based on the decisions you make. These changes can affect your character and goals personally, or guide the shared stories to impact the world itself. The opportunities you come upon and create along the way will allow you to scavenge resources, modify your weapons, acquire gear, and build your personal reputation.”

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