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Kickstarter of the Week: DragonFlame


DragonFlameDragonFlame. Be a dragon. Loot castles. Burn villages. Horde treasure. What’s not to love? I’ve been excited about checking out DragonFlame ever since I laid eyes on the great looking artwork and heard about the clever theme. If you haven’t heard about this game, you can check out our full preview we posted a little while ago. There, our reviewer Andrew goes into his full thoughts on this set collection and bluffing card game. But suffice to say, it was a lot of fun. For a short version of how the game plays, we turn to the Kickstarter Page:

DragonFlame Loot CardsIn DragonFlame, players take turns stocking Castles with valuable treasures, beautiful princesses, pesky knights, and powerful relics.  At the end of each round, players will choose which castle they want to attack, one dragon per castle.  However you must make your choices wisely.  Although castles have rich treasures, they also determine turn order for the next round.  To make matters worse, some cards may be played face-down, so your opponents can seed a castle with nasty curses or knights which will cost you glory points… or you can do the same to them! Mitigated card luck giving players meaningful choices, quickly resolved rounds but with undercurrents of bluffing and deeper strategy.

For more reviews, videos and a wealth of other information, head over to Minion Games Kickstarter page and find out all you could want to know. DragonFlame has already hit its funding goal and they have plenty of stretch rewards planned. If you’d like to become a backer, a $25 pledge will get you a copy of the game and any stretch goals unlocked. DragonFlame is scheduled to be in backers hands in July of 2015 and you have until Thursday, December 4th to become a backer. So head over today and give it a look.

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