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Blinks get a reprint and a new expansion


Blinks Epic Adventure

Earlier this year, I took a look at the Blinks gaming system. Blinks uses a series of individual units that can all be played together in a variety of games. You can read my full review here, but the short of it is that I thought it was a unique and innovative system that has tons of potential.

With the launch of their new Kickstarter today, publisher Move38 sent us two of the new Blinks from their Kickstarter to try out. Darkball and Tip Toe Volcano were added to our growing collection of Blinks.

Blinks NewDarkball was easily our favorite game of the pair. This is a game of timing and reaction. You set up the blinks in a line or path and then put your reflexes to the test. One player presses their blink and a virtual ball travels down the line. The other player must click their blink when the “ball” is about to hit it, which will send it traveling back towards the other player. If you mistime a press, you lose a life. It’s a game that’s easy to learn, but definitely will put your skills to the test. If you introduce loops to your path, things get even crazier as the ball may circle around the loop and come back at you.

Tip Tow Volcano is actually designed by the people at Big Potato Games (Blockbuster). In this one, each player takes 4 blinks and secretly sets any or all of them to be landmines. Then the blinks are put back together. Players then say in increasing amounts how many Blinks they think they can click without blowing up. Once a player is challenged on their boast, they get to clicking. If they blow up, they lose one of their 4 Blinks. If not, the challenging player does. Once someone is out of blinks, they lose.


These are only two of the games being offered through Move 38’s new Kickstarter. In the offerings from this Kickstarter, we’ve tried maybe 4-5 of them in total. One of the ones that get the most use in my house is Zen Flow, which is more of an experience than a game. To be honest, I mostly use it to keep my toddlers busy as they love clicking the Blinks and watching the colors change.

For those curious, their new offerings will be in two packs:
Epic Adventure: Tip Toe Volcano, Ghosthunters, Alchematch, Treasure Tumble
Game System: Astro, Darkball, Group, Therapy, Heist, Paintbrush, Puzzle 101, WHAM, Widgets, Zen Flow

If you want more information on what’s offered in these expansions, head over to their Kickstarter campaign for all the details.

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