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A Brief History of the World for iOS Released


A Brief History of the World IconFans of the civilization building board game A Brief History of the World have something new to be excited about as the game has just been released of iOS. For those that have never played it, A Brief History of the World is a revised version of the old Avalon Hill strategy game: History of the World. The revised version, produced by Ragnar Brothers, has updated artwork and rules as players control major leaders from history and try to conquer the world. This title has been somewhat hard to find here in the U.S.A. so I’m glad to see at least a tablet version is not accessible.

The iOS version, produced by Sage Board Games, is out today in the Apple App Store. The digital version of A Brief History of the World includes:

A Brief History of the World iOS app
We are looking forward to putting A Brief History of the World through the paces and seeing how well of a translation the digital version is.

• Easy-to-learn and easy-to-play
• Comprehensive tutorial
• Play solo against varying levels of AI
• Enjoy a game with family and friends around the table or as “pass and play”
• Online multiplayer games available for up to 6 players
• Post your scores to Game Center and climb the leaderboards

We are hoping to get a review done for you in the near future for A Brief History of the World. But looking back at some of Sage Board Games other iOS titles (Puerto Rico, Le Havre, Ra), I’m pretty optimistic that this will be a faithful translation of the tabletop game. If you’d like to grab a copy, it’s on sale today for $2.99 (50% off its normal price) for the Universal App version. Grab your copy today and start conquering the world.

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