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  1. Rebecca
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    My ten year old daughter had looked at this game a few times over the last few months at the store, but basing on just the photos on the box, it looked a little too “kiddish” for us. After she pointed it out every time we went to the store, I ended up finding a nearly perfect used copy and bought it for her.

    After playing once, I really enjoyed the game and so did she. There is some thinking as far as which actions need to be taken, and there were a few times where the cards didn’t play into our favor (like when my daughter had to grow four green bamboo stalks, but her other cards needed the panda to eat the same bamboo stalks) and it taught her how to think of creative ways to meet her objectives. I’m glad she wore me down into picking up the game and I’ll value her opinion much more when she finds another game she wants to bring home.


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