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Viticulture Limited Edition Charity Auction


Viticulture Box CoverOne of our surprise hit games of 2013 was the worker placement game Viticulture. If you haven’t heard about this gem yet, then hop over and read our full board game review on it. For the rest of us, you have a chance to own a limited edition copy of Viticulture and support a worthy cause at the same time. The creative minds over at Stonemaier Games have put together 13 copies of Viticulture in a hand made wooden box. Each of these 13 copies is up for auction with half of the proceeds going to benefit a specific charity chosen by bloggers and podcasters.

Us lucky ducks here at Board Game Quest were ask to participate and we happily agreed. For our charity we have chose Feed My Starving Children. If you’ve never heard of them, they provide meals for children in 3rd world countries. They are an amazing organization that is also a fantastic volunteer experience. I’ve gone to help pack meals a few times and have always had a great time.

Not only do you get a copy of a great game in a custom box, but you also can get the hard to find expansion.

Each winning bidder will get the following:

• One autographed complete set of the retail first edition of Viticulture
• One custom-crafted, limited edition wooden box
• A set of second-edition rules (the first ever to be printed)
• 6 “grande” meeples (not the official grande meeples, but they will serve as great-looking stand-ins from Meeple Source until Tuscany is released)
•  Free shipping anywhere in the world, delivered before Christmas (pending timely payment)

To make things even more interesting, each of the 13 games will include one of the following bonus items. Starting with the highest winning bidder, each winner will get to choose one of these items to be included in with their limited edition copy:

These boxes look awesome!

• The Aboriculture expansion (this is the only remaining replacement copy of Arboriculture we have)
• One prototype of one of the first expansions in the Tuscany expansion pack (you will be the first non-founder of Stonemaier Games to see this expansion)
• One of five custom-etched, stainless steel Viticulture corkscrews
• One of two sets of custom-etched, stemless Viticulture wineglasses (each set is a pair of glasses)
• One of two Stonemaier Games t-shirts
• One set of premium Fantasy Flight sleeves for all cards in the game
• Both uncut card sheets from Viticulture
• One copy of Euphoria Supreme (Kickstarter version)
• One copy of Euphoria Deluxe (Kickstarter version)

As an added bonus, if you bid on the Board Game Quest sponsored listing, I’ve added a bit of incentive. Most of you probably don’t know, but I’m also a Glass Blower (going on 14 years). I’ve decided to send the winning bidder a hand made, glass D20 (20 sided die) art piece.

If the winning bid gets to $250, I’ll donate a small glass, 20 sided die.


If the winning bid gets to $500, I’ll donate a larger way cooler glass, 20 sided die.

I hope all of this swag encourages you to open up your wallets and bid generously. Head over to the auction today and check it out. The auctions will  end on Saturday, December 7 at 5:00pm CST. At the very least, be sure to give our listing (#8) a Thumbs Up!
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