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New Game Store in the Chicago Suburbs


Game Knight Logo

The Game Knight Sign
I love the sign behind the counter. I thought is was very clever and fit in with the stores design.

If you live in or are traveling to the Chicago Suburbs in the near future, I want to let you know about a new game store in the area. The Game Knight opened its doors about a month or so ago and has all the makings of what looks to be a great shop.
The owner Bob seems to be a really nice and friendly person. He appears to have a true passion for the hobby. The Game Knight has a great selection of popular board games and RPGs covering all genres of gaming. In the back of the store there is also an open play area with tables and a game library. The library has a shelf of over 500 board games that can be played on the open tables around it. The store also hosts event nights such as Magic: The Gathering Tournaments and Dungeons & Dragons encounters.

The Game Knight Game Room
The Game Knight has a decent sized gaming room in the back of the store with over 500 games to check out.

One of the things that impressed me the most was the nice looking interior of the shop. The walls are painted in bright colors and there is game related artwork hanging on the walls. There are also separate bathrooms for men and women (which I’m sure the ladies will appreciate). My favorite part is probably the large, logo’d sign behind the front desk. It’s pretty cool.

The Game Knight impressed me with by running sales on different games throughout the months I’ve been checking them out. Most time when shopping at a retail store, I fully expect to pay MSRP and it’s nice to see a retailer offer sales to entice it’s customers who are used to shopping online. More than once it’s convinced me to come back to the store when I wasn’t planning on it.
So if you are in the area I’d highly recommend checking out The Game Knight. I’ve been waiting for a good FLGS to come to the area and I’m sure I’ll be back at the store often.
You can check them out on their webpage at: gameknightgaming.com or on their Facebook page.

The Game Knight has a nice clean sales area in front with a game room in the back.

The Game Knight
481 Commons Dr.
Aurora, IL 60504






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