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Hoyuk Giveaway


Hoyuk Giveaway

Yesterday we reviewed Hoyuk, a combination tile laying/set collection/area majority game from MAGE Company. If you haven’t tried it yet, Hoyuk is a really clever game that combines some mechanics we love into a fun game. For those that don’t spend all day browsing Kickstarter like we do, you might not have noticed that MAGE Company is currently in the middle of their kickstarter campaign for the Hoyuk expansion, Hoyuk: Anatolia.

As a treat for you, our awesome readers, we thought it’d be fun to give away a copy of Hoyuk. However we are going to make you work for it a little this time. Below is a link to a quiz with 6 questions about Hoyuk: Anatolia. All answers can be found on their Kickstarter page here. For every answer you get correct, we’ll give you 5 entries into the contest. And just because were so nice, we even included a way for you to get a couple of bonus entries (the box at the bottom). You have until Wednesday, January 28th to enter. Good Luck!

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  1. The English Rules download link on the KS page is broken so….finding the quiz answers isn’t so easy for people new to this game.

  2. Thanks guys! After watching Rahdo run through the original Hoyuk, I had interest in the game. The expansions make it look that much more fun!

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