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As most of you probably know, Board Game Quest has been bringing high quality board game content to the web for over five years now, with new articles posting almost every day. We have grown to include 8 different writers and cover a wide range of games, from family games to heavy 4 hour+ games. Since our early days, we have published over 1,000 articles.

The content published at Board Game Quest is, and always has been free. And that’s not going to change. We aren’t going to ever put up a pay wall or annoying full screen ads. We like covering board games and will continue to do so. And as our traffic has steadily grown since the early days, it seems that you like reading our content, which is pretty exciting.

Why Patreon Now?

However, with your support we think we can make Board Game Quest even better. We have always prided ourselves on the high-quality nature of our articles. Yet as we grow, so do the costs of running the website. This includes more web server resources, costs associated with expanded convention coverage, better quality photographic equipment, and purchasing games to review. For many years, we’ve covered all of these expenses ourselves. As we want to continue to put out amazing content, enhance our coverage, and remain editorially independent, we are hoping you can support us in that endeavor.

With that in mind, we’ve setup a Patreon page where anyone can support the work we do. While we plan on rewarding our Patreon backers with some perks (game giveaways, voting on upcoming articles, chatting with us on discord, and more!), ALL content here at Board Game Quest will always remain FREE to everyone. We hate pay walls as much as everyone else does.

If you think you’d be willing to support us (even $1 helps), head over to our Patreon page for more information. And thanks for being a reader!

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While he will play just about anything, Tony loves games that let him completely immerse himself in the theme. He also is a bit of a component addict.

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