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Hasbro teases Betrayal at House on the Hill: 3rd Edition


This week on the Hasbro Pulse YouTube channel, they released a teaser video for Betrayal at House on the Hill: 3rd Edition. If you’ve never played it, Betrayal at House on the Hill is a cooperative board game that shifts to a 1 vs Many format part of the way through the game. It’s a pretty unique game that’s accessible enough that many gamers play and can be considered an almost gateway style game. Players will run around through the mansion trying to upgrade their stats and collect items. But as they explore the house, they are making haunt checks, when one actually succeeds, they consult a chart and one of the players ends up becoming a traitor. Each side then has a brand new objective they must accomplish to win.

The original version of the game was released way back in 2004, with the second edition of the game releasing in 2010. The second edition was supposed to help clean up the many, many errors and errata in the first edition. 2016 then brought us the first expansion, Widow’s Walk. However, both the second edition and the expansion still had issues with errors and production issues as well (like the health trackers).

Betrayal at House on the Hill has also spawned a number of offshoots, such as the Dungeons and Dragons themed version, Betrayal at House on Baldur’s Gate and the Scooby-Doo themed version Betrayal at Mystery Mansion. The game also got its own legacy version in the form of Betrayal Legacy. All the spinoffs were actually pretty good.

The teaser video can be seen below, but not much has been revealed at this point. Will this finally be the error-free version of the game we’ve all been looking for? Time will tell.

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