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Funkoverse: Kool-Aid Man Review


Funkoverse Kool Aid ManIf you’re a fan of Funkoverse, the exciting strategy board game featuring iconic characters and settings from popular films, books, and games, you should check out the Kool-Aid expansion. It brings fresh content to Funkoverse, including Kool-Aid Man and unique tokens associated with this iconic figure.

The Kool-Aid Man is the mascot of Kool-Aid and appears in advertisements bursting through walls to make Kool-Aid for children. “Oh, yeah!” is his catchphrase. Seeing Kool-Aid ads that span decades was a lot of fun for me. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this highly anticipated addition to my collection of one of my favorite board games. 

Kool-Aid is a one-character expansion to Funkoverse, it is not a standalone game, but you can mix and match him with any Funkoverse base set.

Gameplay Overview

Combine your favorite Funkoverse characters and play unique, exciting game scenarios and grid maps. Every turn your characters move, attack, use abilities, items & traits, interact with the board, assist allies, and stand up if knocked down. Synergies can be created by combining characters and items.

Funkoverse Kool Aid Man Components
Kool-Aid man has the ability to break through walls.

Your goal is to be the first player or team to earn a certain number of points. Each scenario has specific objectives that must be completed to earn points. As a player, you might aim to control a board area, challenge your opponent, collect points, or a variety of other objectives. You can read the full gameplay overview in our original Funkoverse Strategy Game review here

Kool-Aid Man is primarily a “fighter” with powerful abilities, including “Splash Zone” and the obvious “Oh Yeah!”. Both are challenge 3, “Splash Zone” challenge all adjacent rivals, and “Oh Yeah!” allows Kool-Aid Man to move, break through walls, and fight, which can take enemies by surprise. It also has a dexterity ability called “Hey Kool-Aid!” that allows him to move 3 squares, breaking through walls. Yet, he must end his move adjacent to an ally. His traits detail how to place Rubble tokens when Kool-Aid Man breaks through a wall.

Funkoverse Kool Aid Man Gameplay
His abilities, while strong, can also be situational.

Game Experience

If you are not a Kool-Aid fan but would still like to have him join your team, I struggle to recommend him based on his characteristics alone.

Funkoverse Kool Aid Man
The actually character of Kool-Aid Man looks great!

It is a powerful character and handy to break through walls shortening your path to map objective tokens, such as points. It can also catch enemies behind walls by surprise, breaking through the wall and attacking with a devastating blow. His challenging abilities are powerful and can give your opponent a tremendous headache. However, there are plenty of characters in Funkoverse with abilities that are as strong or stronger than Kool-Aid. His really unique quality is to break through walls.

Personally, I don’t think that Kool-Aid Man is a character that will stand out above the rest in the Funkoverse universe. But it all depends on your roster, strategy, scenario, and map. So, you should familiarize yourself with Kool-Aid Man’s abilities and traits before acquiring him. Be aware that some maps have no walls, and using Kool-Aid Man would be a complete waste of a character.

Kool-Aid Man mechanics are as thematic as you can expect. Funko did a great job incorporating the attributes of this funny red anthropomorphic pitcher filled with Kool-Aid. This comical guy will undoubtedly remind you of his silly ads and deliver extra game fun. Component-wise, Kool-Aid Man is a funky guy! One of a kind! Especially if you are his fan and love the Funko vinyl figures.

Final Thoughts

Kool-Aid Man breaks through walls and can deliver powerful attacks. Some maps have no walls rendering him completely pointless. Are his unique abilities enough to justify adding him to your Funkoverse collection? Well, it depends on you, really. Either you are a fan of Kool-Aid Man, or he might be the perfect fit for your team. There are more powerful characters in the Funkoverse universe, but none have Kool-Aid Man’s unique mechanics. So, it’s up to you! Should you go for it? I think I just heard my Kool-Aid Man saying, “Oh Yeah!!!”.

Expansion OptionalHits:
• Amusing, funky, and fun.
• Breaking through walls couldn’t be more extraordinary.
• Sneaky, great for area control, and delivers devastating blows.

• Not the most powerful of the Funkoverse characters.
• Useless if the map has no walls.
• Kool-Aid Man may not fit your team, strategy, and scenario.

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Note: This review was originally written by Mindful Phill, who is no longer part of Board Game Quest.

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