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Clash! Dawn of Steam Giveaway


Clash! Dawn of SteamAs any faithful reader knows, I’m a big fan of asymmetric game play. There is something I just love about playing the same game as my opponents, but playing it in a different way. It not only adds to the replay value of a game, it also allows you to try out new strategies every time you pick up the cards.

Recently I was contacted by Mad Ape Games about their new game, Clash! Dawn of Steam, which is now in funding on Kickstarter. Clash! Dawn of Steam seems to be doing everything right in my book. They have some beautifully illustrated cards, game play that provides a good amount of replay value and it’s a card game with no randomized boosters (hurray!). In Clash! Dawn of Steam the players will either fight to destroy a location or stand up in its defense. Each turn, both players will gather resources, and then use those resources to play powerful cards from their hands in order to achieve their goals.

So that’s the summary, you can find out more information (including reviews, photos and rules) on their Kickstarter page. Now here comes the fun stuff. Mad Ape Games has agreed to give away a nice prize pack to one of you lucky readers.

One random person will get their choice of both a playmat and a 2-Player Boxed Set. To enter, all you have to do is answer one easy question about Clash! Dawn of Steam. Of course, if you’d like to earn a few more entries we’re happy to oblige. You have until Friday, April 18th to enter, good luck!

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Clash! Dawn of Steam Game Play

Clash! Dawn of Steam Prototype

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  1. Nice! The playmats look great but are a bit too expensive for my taste, so that prize would be right up my alley 🙂

  2. Hey everyone, Jared here, designer and creative director of CLASH! Dawn of Steam. Thanks for all the kind words and good luck with the contest!

    I can’t wait to share more about this amazing evolving world of Asyria with all of you! Be sure to go back the campaign to keep up with all the great updates we have planned for you including interviews, concept art, and even more short stories.

  3. Checked out the kickstarter! The game looks fun, I LOVE the artwork, can’t wait to actually try it with friends! 🙂

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