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Risk: Legacy Board Game Cover

Risk: Legacy Review

Chances are if you are reading this board game review, then you have heard of the classic game Risk. The "game of world domination"...
Kingdom Builder Cover

Kingdom Builder Review

It's hard to describe exactly what kind of game Kingdom Builder is. The rules are incredibly simple. In fact, it has been criticized by...
Ghost Stories Board Game Cover

Ghost Stories Review

I like cooperative games a lot. I believe this is the first one I've reviewed for Board Game Quest. Coop games usually have some...
Those Pesky Humans

Those Pesky Humans Review

There is no lack of dungeon crawl games in the board gaming world. One of the more popular themes ranging from heavy hitters like...
For The Win Board Game

For The Win Review

One of my latest hobbies has been browsing through the board game listings on the Kickstarter website and finding new games to back. If...
Martian Dice

Martian Dice Review

Everyone needs a good filler game every now and then. A game that you can play in 15 to 20 minutes while waiting for...

Belfort Review

I like worker placement games a lot. There is something about having a variety of actions to choose from each turn that just keeps...



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