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K2 Board Game

K2 Review

When I look at my bucket list, I realize I have many physically active things I want to do in the future. Traveling Europe,...
Hanabi Game Box

Hanabi Review

It’s hard not to love fireworks. Watching streaking bits of fire shoot into the sky and explode into a multicolor burst can entertain you...
Tide of Iron

Tide of Iron Review

When I started writing reviews for Board Game Quest, one of the unexpected outcomes would be the diversification of my gaming experiences. In the...

Sagrada Review

I will be the first person to complain about “the good old days” when Gen Con, at least from a board gaming perspective, was...
World War Z The Game

World War Z: The Game Review

World War Z is a fantastic book by Max Brooks. It reads as a bit of a documentary about life after a the great...

SpyNet Review

If there’s one designer whose name is legend amongst card gamers, it’s Richard Garfield. The designer of Magic: The Gathering and Android: Netrunner has...
Colt Express

Colt Express Review

It’s hard to think about the Old West without conjuring up images of a gang of bandits robbing a train. Perhaps that’s what designer...



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