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Board Game Designer Tournament – Round 1, Part 2


Board Game Designer Tournament

Last week we officially kicked off our Board Game Designer Tournament. If you missed the announcement, you can go here to find out all the details. The short story is we are giving away some games for our upcoming 2 year anniversary and we want you to help us decide what to give away.

Hundreds of you voted in the first half of round one and the results are in. We had some surprising upsets, but overall the favorites tended to win their matchups. You can see the graphic below to see who won in the first part of round one. If you want to play along, you can still download the full bracket PDF here.

Click to view larger:

2014 Board Game Designer Tournament Update 1

Now it’s time for the other half of the first round. Below are the voting options for the Konieczka/Bauza and Chvátil/Wallace regions. The voting will end on Tuesday, July 1st, so no procrastinating. And may the best designer win!

Corey Konieczka

Antoine Bauza

Vlaada Chvátil

Martin Wallace


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