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Kickstarter of the Week: Wok Star


Wok Star CoverI’m a big fan of real time board games even though there aren’t many on the market today. I first encountered this budding genre when playing the game Space Alert (read our review here).

Wok Star is a cooperative, real-time game where players take on different roles in a Chinese restaurant. Currently in funding on Kickstarter, this is for a new edition of Wok Star as the game has been sold out and out of print for a while. Well now is your chance to get your hands on this fun game for 2-4 players.

From the Kickstarter Page:

Racing against the timer, you’ll have to deal with demanding customers who each what something different! Each customer gives you only 20 seconds to fulfil their order but if you serve too slowly the customer eats free. Everyone has a different role to play, whether you’re the bus boy who collects more tips or the chef who’s good at stretching the ingredients just a little farther, and everyone will be working on the meals at the same time from different angles. With just four days to impress your investor, you’ll need quick thinking, clever investment, and brilliant cooperation.

The game also is being produced by Game Salute who is no stranger to Kickstarter. With Wok Star, they are offering a money back guarantee within 30 days of getting your game. So if you get it and decide it’s not for you, you’ll be able to get your pledge back. I always like when Kickstarter campaigns offer this as no one likes to get a bad board game.

There are only and handful of real time board games on the market today, so I’m always happy to try out a new offereing. Wok Star looks to be a fresh concept and very well done. A $39 pledge level will get you a copy of the game and all unlocked stretch goals. The campaign has already blown past its $5,000 funding goal and is on pace to hit its third stretch goal. You have until July 16th to back the project so head over there today if your interested in getting a copy of the game.
Wok Star -- Kicktraq Mini

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