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Kickstarter of the Week: Town Center 4th Edition


Town CenterAs most of my faithful readers know, I’m a big fan of city building games. I’ve often mentioned my childhood addiction to Sim City, so every time a new town building game comes around, it piques my interest. Our newest Kickstarter of the Week is Town Center. This is apparently the 4th edition of the game and it’s finally getting the love that it deserves. Town Center is a game about building up your little metropolis and it’s easy to learn rules should appeal to anyone who has ever enjoyed playing with Legos.

From the Kickstarter Page:

Town Center was not built in a day. However, it takes seconds to learn, and yet it can be quite the challenge to win.

Town Center Components1. Draft buildings
2. Build them into your city
3. Develop properties

That’s it! 10 turns, this is all you have to build and grow your newly-chartered town into a skyscraper-filled metropolis.

There’s many decisions to be made, but they all come in 16mm-sized bits, with no downtime between turns, as there’s always something to do. Before you know it, your opponents have reached the sky, and you’re still trying to figure out where that parking lot will go!

The rules are slightly more complicated than that but Town Center still looks to be fairly easy to learn and quite a bit of fun. As you get into developing your town, I like how the components build up into a 3d cityscape. The campaign has also already hit some funding goals to include other maps which should add to the game’s replay value. A pledge of $60 will get you a copy of the game (shipped worldwide) and any stretch goals met. The game is scheduled to be in backers hands in November of 2014 and you have until Saturday, Mar 29th to become a backer. So head over there today and check it out.
Town Center 4th edition -- Kicktraq Mini

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  1. Really like the fact that the theme and size of the board can make it appealing to newcomers. This is one of the biggest fears (myself as a newbie too) as some games can feel too overwhelming with loads of pieces, rules and so on. I have saved it on Kickstarter to ‘remind me’ because I want to watch the videos and comments on the project

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