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Kickstarter of the Week: The Agents Return


The Agents Box CoverA while ago we did a review of a unique card game called The Agents. Featuring some clever game play and amazing artwork, The Agents was an instant hit at our gaming table. If you haven’t read our review yet, you can check it out here. Unfortunately, our copy had some component issues and the rules weren’t the most up-to-date. Well The Agents is back on Kickstarter with a revised edition that promises to fix most of our complaints with the game. It appears that game designer Saar Shai has learned from his previous campaign and is set to not only fix the issues with version 1.0, but also offer up three new expansions.

From the Kickstarter Page:

The Agents Faction LinesThis ‘quick and dirty’ Kickstarter campaign is a follow-up campaign to last summer’s first outing for The Agents. It’s a chance for you to get the (updated) original Base Set and (revised) original expansions, Kickstarter exclusive merchandise and of course, The Fancy Box. I’ve also created 3 brand new expansions to add to the mix.

By listening to backer feedback, I’ve also tweaked the rules by making subtle changes for substantial improvement to game play. A few screws tightened and some nips and tucks here and there gave birth to this “The Agents Mark II” version*. And this next production run will also see upgraded component quality, packaging and shipping methods, but with the same level of personal, attentive customer support.

*If you own the original Kickstarter edition of the previous campaign, you can download the Mark II rulebook here, and the complete rules for the expansions here.

I’m glad he decided to go back and revise this game as these new editions should only make a great game better. Backers of the first campaign can pledge $22 to get the 3 new expansions, or there is a host of other pledge levels, and add-ons depending on what you want.

For newcomers to The Agents, then a pledge of $18 will get you a copy of the game, while other pledge levels can get you expansions, boxes to hold them and other goodies. The Agents Mark II is scheduled to be in backers hands in September of 2014 and you have until Wednesday, May 21st to become a backer. So head over today and check it out.
THE AGENTS RETURN - The Double-Edged Cards game is back! -- Kicktraq Mini

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  1. Saar is also really good when it comes to communication. While it wasn’t quite delivered by the originally promised November 2013, it was delivered the month after, which is really good in the grand scheme of Kickstarter tabletop game projects. If you like the look of the project, but are on the fence because “Kickstarter”, you shouldn’t worry because Saar will deliver and you’ll know what’s going on every step of the way.

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