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Rise of Ix Expansion Announced for Dune: Imperium


Dune ImperiumDirewolf Digital has officially announced Rise of Ix, an expansion for their highly-touted board game Dune: Imperium. Released in 2020, the game’s unique mixture of deck-building and worker placement within the Dune universe made it one of the most popular titles of the year.

Coming to retail for the 2021 holiday season, Rise of Ix will add new Imperium, Intrigue, and Conflict cards. The expansion will also focus on the technocratic society of Ix, which is the planet that provides technology to the Imperium in Dune. The base game of Dune: Imperium included eight leaders and the expansion will add six more into the mix, including Archduke Arman Ecaz and Prince Rhombur Vernius.

Rise of Ix will also implement new mechanics for the game with dreadnoughts and Ixian Technology tiles. Dreadnoughts will help you increase your odds during comeback while Ixian Technology cards will provide permanent upgrades to abilities for players.

Dune: Imperium took home the 2020 Golden Geek Award for Best Card Game, beating out other notable titles like Fort from Leder Games and The Fox in the Forest Duet from Foxtrot Games and Renegade Game Studios.

The announcement of Rise of Ix comes just over a week after Czech Games Edition unveiled plans for an expansion for Lost Ruins of Arnak, a game that has been compared to Dune: Imperium for their similar use of game mechanics.

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