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Nut So Fast Review

Review of: Nut So Fast
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AnnaMaria Jackson-Phelps

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On Jul 10, 2018
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We review Nut So Fast, a matching and dexterity game published by Smirk & Laughter Games. In Nut So Fast, players are trying to quickly recognize patterns and be the first to collect specific nuts.

Nut So Fast Review

Nut So FastYou’ll need fast reactions and quick counting skills to play this nutty reaction game from Smirk & Laughter Games. Nut So Fast will test your pattern recognition skills as well as your dexterity. Grab the matching wooden nut tokens or be the first to strike a nutty pose to be crowned the Nut So Fast Champion.

Nut So Fast is a dexterity game for 3-6 players that lasts about 20 minutes. It plays best with 4 players.

Gameplay Overview:

Nut tokens based on the total number of players are placed in the center of the table within reach of all everyone. Each player receives a blue base card that reads ‘Score the Round’. The red cards are all dealt out to the players face down. Players do not look at the cards but place them on top of their base card. The double sided number cards are placed at the side of the play area with a nutty pose card next to each.

Nut So Fast Player Aid
Use patterns to pick up nuts and avoid taking additional cards

On their turn, a player flips a pair of cards in front of them. All players are looking for triggers (sets of nuts) that require a quick reaction. The slowest to react to a trigger is penalized, usually by having to add cards under their blue base card.

Each trigger has a specific reaction. If exactly four nuts match, grab the corresponding nut token from the table. If seven nuts match, grab the Almond. Also grab the almond if there are 8 of a nut or two sets of four. If a number card comes up. Ignore the nuts and do the corresponding nutty pose.

The consequence for being the slowest in most cases is to take all the face up cards and place them under the blue base card in the player’s stack. When the blue base card is exposed on any player’s stack, the round has ended. Each player counts the number of cards under their blue base card. The fewer cards, the better the score. After three rounds, the player with the lowest score wins.

Nut So Fast Game Experience
Grumpy walnuts and goofy cashews!

Game Experience:

We’ve usually eschewed dexterity games in our house – with varying coordination abilities, it just didn’t seem to be a good fit genre-wise. In gaming groups, there seemed to be few outside of Jenga that make it to the table (and honestly, we use Jenga to play the Dread roleplaying game more than to play Jenga proper). So when Nut So Fast arrived, I was curious to see how this mechanic was going to work for us. It turns out – really, really well.

Nut So Fast Cards
Nice sized symbols can be seen across the table

The pattern recognition element is what makes this game special. Your fit, fast friend isn’t going to dominate the table – being sure you have counted the appropriate number of nuts AND grab the right token is key. It’s really easy to mess up by jumping the gun or grabbing the wrong token, and both errors incur a penalty. Think of it as more complicated slap jack where no one gets their hand crushed.

The tokens are big enough to be grabbed without getting batted across the table. And the symbology on the cards is large and clear – easily viewed from any side of the table. I think this is best at four players mostly as it gives everyone an even shot at the nut tokens – with six players one or two people might need to leap across the tabletop. Additionally, those who struggle with grasping might have trouble with this game (though modifying the rules to include simply touching a piece might work.)

Nut So Fast Poses
Strike a pose!

Trying to quickly count up smiling pistachios and grab the right token from the table is already kind of funny, but the reactions are hysterical. When a number comes up, everyone strikes a pose. Any attempts to play this as a seriously competitive game fly out of the window when you have to do the funky chicken or give yourself bunny ears.

This is a great intro to games for the non-gaming sort as well. With few rules and more physicality, Nut So Fast is something even the least game inclined can pick up in a few minutes. And for gameschoolers this is a great way to work on pattern recognition. Some hardcore gamers might give this one a pass, because there’s not a ton of substance or unusual mechanics. On the other hand, that may be just what you need to break the stress from a long night of wargames or heavy euros.

Nut So Fast Tokens
In a nutshell – grab these to win!

Final Thoughts:

Can you catch-ew more nuts than your friends? Be prepared to think quick, move fast, and laugh a lot. You won’t be considered nuts for thinking the fast paced pattern recognition based dexterity game Nuts So Fast is a ton of fun.

Final Score: 4 Stars – Quick paced dexterity game will leave you in stitches

4 StarsHits:
• Pattern recognition aspect adds a little more thinky aspect to a dexterity game
• Large symbology and pieces make this super accessible
• No tense, uber-competitive moments, just lots of laughter

• Trying to reach pieces with more than 4 at the table could be a stretch
• Not a lot of substance for those looking for something a little more complex

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