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New Game Releases for Gen Con 2014


Gen Con New Game ReleasesEveryone knows that if you want to find the biggest game releases of the year, you have to head over to the annual Essen Speil in Germany. But for those of us that can’t afford to jetset across the world, then the annual Gen Con game convention is one of the biggest game conventions in the U.S. Every year, 40,000+ games head to Indianapolis to devour booth food and hours of gaming. Smart publishers have learned to take advantage of this die hard crowd and almost always have a new game or two to release at the convention.

In order to prepare you for the con, I’ve decided to do some leg work for you again. I’ve contacted many of the game publishers that will be exhibiting at Gen Con this year to find out what their new releases are. Many already know what they will be doing, but others are only now just figuring it out. With that in mind, I will be updating this page all summer long as the convention approaches. So be sure to check back often to keep up on what’s debuting at the con. You can also follow us on twitter and will announce there when we’ve updated this page with new information.

If you are a publisher and want to add your games to the list, let me know the contact page and I’ll get you added.

Color Guide:
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List last updated: 08/11/14

1A Games – Booth #2643
Tide of Iron Next WaveRelease Confirmed:
Tide of Iron: Next Wave – $89.95
This boxed set will replace the older ‘coffin box’ edition from FFG and will remain fully compatible with all the existing expansions. We went in and streamlined the presentation of the rules to make them easier to understand. New fans will find the game easier to get into and the existing fans aren’t required to buy a new edition to stay current with the rules as they haven’t changed. You can find more information here.
Cross Hares: Testing Ground – $49.95
“Mutant bunnies with machine guns. It’s an old-style follow the path game with a healthy dose of screw your neighbor tossed in. Players are engaged in a race to get from one of the board to the other and discover and defeat what lurks inside a mysterious factory which is polluting their homeland. Along the way they’ll pick up various pieces of gear, or unlock special abilities, which will help them or hinder the other players in their journey.

Academy Games – Booth #631
Fief BoxReleases Confirmed:Academy Games will have 2 new releases at Gen Con.

• They hope to have Fief – France 1429, their new Eurogame that was on Kickstarter. More information can be found on their website.
Awakening The Bear Solo Expansion for Conflict of Heroes will be released at Gen Con. More information can be found on their website.

Action Phase Games – Booth #255
Heroes WantedRelease Confirmed: Action Phase Games will be debuting their first game, Heroes Wanted.  They had a very successful kickstarter (funding at $138k from our original goal of $28k). They will also have two expansions:
Extra, Extra (which features more cards) and Champions and Masterminds (which offers expert difficulty and co-op play). More information can be found on their website.

Airlock Games – Booth #670
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) – Booth #801
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

APE Games – Booth #631
Releases Confirmed: APE Games will have one new release debuting at Gen Con along with a few more games that are recent releases.

Rarr• RARRR!! – This is their 2013 Kickstarter game incarnate that will be releasing at Gen Con. It’s a card game of monster-building and city-smashing by Michael Brandl (art by Bob Canada). Players create a monster by drafting Katakana cards that give them powers as well as truly epic names. The monsters then battle each other for the right to demolish the world’s greatest cities.  3-6 players • 60 minutes • $20

Other newer releases include:

• Rolling Freight: India and Great Britain – Our first expansion to Rolling Freight will be featured in the Puffing Billy tournament at Gen Con.Two new maps with new features including canals, caravans and ferries, and decreasing Improvement costs.  2-5 players • 120 minutes • $20
• Island Siege – Build fortresses on a 17th century Caribbean island. Reinforce it with different stone types, and add buildings and ships. Be the first player to get all of your colonists into your fortresses to win, or gain enough wealth to declare victory. But watch out – your opponent is sending his fleet over to lay SIEGE!  2 Players • 30 Minutes • $30

Sheriff of NottinghamArcane Wonders – Booth #743
Release Confirmed: Arcane Wonders will be releasing Sheriff of Nottingham at Gen Con this year. The Sheriff of Nottingham is a fun and engaging game of bluffing, bribery and smuggling, where each player will have the chance to step into the shoes of the Sheriff himself! You can find more information and even pre-order here

Ares Games Srl – Booth #459 & 463
Battle of Five ArmiesReleases Confirmed: Ares Games will have one new release at Gen Con and also be demoing some new games.

• The Battle of Five Armies –$89.90 – You can go here for information on the game and they also have a preview here.

Upcoming game in preview at the show:

Dino Race – $34.90 (estimated). You can read more about Dino Race here.
WW2 Wings of Glory Special Packs B-17 and Avro Lancaster.
Featuring the  B-17F “Memphis Belle,” the B-17G “A Bit of Lace,” the Avro Lancaster B.III “Grog’s the Shot,” and Mk.III Dambuster. These packs will be mini-expansions to the game, presenting, in addition to the miniatures, paper play mats with specific targets (industrial sites, dams), and special rules. Estimated SRP: $34.90.

Asmadi Games – Booth #649
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Asmodee Editions – Booth #1421, 1429 & 1521
No Information: Asmodee is currently trying to figure out what will be available at Gen Con.

Atlas Games – Booth #1401
Gloom Second EditionReleases Confirmed: Atlas Games will have 2 new releases at Gen Con this year:

• The biggest is Gloom 2nd Edition, which includes the release of new editions of the core game, and of the out-of-print expansions Unfortunate Expeditions, Unhappy Homes, and Unwelcome Guests. The key things to know about the 2nd edition of Gloom are:

  1. It makes a host of minor improvements to gameplay and card design, such as to the timing of certain events, and the way they’re recorded on the cards. New reference cards have also been added.
  2. Every 1st Edition card and every 2nd Edition care are compatible with each other, so new cards work with old cards, and vice versa. No need for anyone to re-purchase games or expansions they’ve already bought.
  3. The packaging has been upgraded across the line.
For more information, you can visit the Gloom page on their website.
• Their other new release will be Faith & Flame: The Provençal Tribunal, a sourcebook for Ars Magica. You can find more information about that on its product page on their website.

Bezier Games – Booth #2629
SubdivisionReleases Confirmed: New games Bezier games will be selling at Gen Con include:
Subdivision: $50.
Ultimate Werewolf Deluxe Edition: $25
Ultimate Werewolf: $15
Ultimate Werewolf Artifacts: (new edition with additional artifacts): $15
Ultimate Werewolf Wolfpack: (expansion): $10

New Items to be shown (not sold) at the booth at GenCon 2014:
Castles of Mad King Ludwig

Blood & Cardstock Games – Booth #206
Potential Release: A new release is planned, but no information at this time.

Blue Orange Games – Booth #348
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Brotherwise Games – Booth #2438
No New Releases: Brotherwise Games do not currently plan on having any new releases ready for Gen Con. They will be selling their popular Boss Monster game along with the first expansion: Tools of Hero-Kind.

Roll For ItCalliope Games – Booth #149
Release Confirmed: Calliope Games will be releasing a limited edition Gen Con Roll For It! tin. This is the first game to license the Gen Con characters. Detailed information can be found here.

Catalyst Game Labs – Booth #413, 417 & 509
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Columbia Games – Booth #2336
Victory in EuropeRelease Confirmed: Columbia Games will be releasing Victory in Europe at Gen Con. More information can be found on their website.

Continuum Games – Booth #162
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Cool Mini or Not – Booth #1827
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Cosmic Wombat Games – Booth #2935
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

5 TribesCryptozoic Entertainment – Booth #601
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Days of Wonder – Booth #2017
Release Confirmed: Days of Wonder will be releasing a brand new game from designer Bruno Cathala. 5 Tribes is a worker placement auction game and is said to be Days of Wonders first “gamer game”.

Devious Weasel Games – Booth #2739
shadows-of-maliceRelease Confirmed: Devious Weasel Games will be releasing Shadows of Malice at Gen Con. A cooperative board game of epic fantasy for 2-8 players that takes about 2-6 hours to play, depending on the setup options the players choose. Shadows of Malice will have an MSRP of $59.99. More information on Shadows of Malice

Fantasy Flight Games – Booth #809, 817, 1109, 1117
Most Likely New Releases: When we asked Fantasy Flight Games, they replied:We never announce what’s going to be at Gen Con until very close to the convention, if at all.

Fireside Games – Booth #443
No New Releases: Fireside Games won’t be releasing anything new at Gen Con this year. However they will be demoing their new game Munchkin Panic (due to release in the fall of 2014). You can find out more information on their website.

They will also have available their latest promotional item for Dead Panic, which you can only get through them in person. It is a Bullet bookmark you can apply once during the game that allows you to reload one bullet into one of the guns listed. They recently shared an image of this item on their Facebook page.

Floodgate Games – Booth #467
Epic ResortRelease Confirmed: Floodgate Games will be releasing their newest title, Epic Resort. More information can be found on their Kickstarter page.

Flying Buffalo – Booth #1105
Potential Releases: Flying Buffalo will be releasing a Poker Deck at Origins where the four kings are four famous game designers, and the rest of the cards are ads from various game companies, game stores, and game conventions. They will also be selling The Adventurers Compendium – a compilation of 9 solitaire adventures and 3 gamemaster adventures for Tunnels & Trolls which is also an Origins Release.

They are hoping to release the Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls rulebook at Gen Con.

Flying Frog Productions – Booth #933
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Gale Force Nine – Booth #729
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Game Salute – Booth #1623
Potential Releases: Game Salute will have information on their Gen Con releases early in June.

Golden Egg Games – Booth #2237
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Gorilla Games – Booth #2639
Monster-DerbyRelease Confirmed: Gorilla Games will have one new release and will also have some previews.

Monster Derby will release at Gen Con.

They will be previewing:
Battlestations 2nd Edition
The Worst Game Ever.

Greater than Games – Booth #1949
Galactic Strike ForceRelease Confirmed: Greater Than Games will have Galactic Strike Force for sale at Gen Con. They also hope to have Sentinels Tactics on demo at the convention.

Greenbrier Games – Booth #1556
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

IDW Games – Booth #2538
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

IELLO – Booth #449
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Indie Boards and Cards – Booth #2333
Dragon-SlayerReleases Confirmed: Indie Boards and Cards will have two new releases at Gen Con this year.

• Dragon Slayer
Coup: Reformation

You can find out more information on the via their respective kickstarter pages.

Lamp Light Games – Booth #2630
Space JunkReleases Confirmed: Lamp Light Games will have one new release at Gen Con

Space Junk

They will also be demoing Nautilus, which will be on Kickstarter during the convention.

Level 99 Games – Booth #1652
Releases Confirmed: Level 99 Games will have a number of new titles premiering at Gen Con this year.

Argent: The Consortium• Power Play
• Argent: the Consortium
• Argent: ‘Mancers of the University
• Argent: Summer Break Minipak
• Pixel Tactics 3
• Sellswords
• Pixel Tactics: The Price of Victory Minipak
• Pixel Tactics: Seven Sisters Minipak
• Pixel Tactics: Argent University Minipak

They will also have reprints of:
• Pixel Tactics 1
• Pixel Tactics 2
• BattleCON: Devastation

Lookout Games – Booth #323
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Mantic Games – Booth #1343
Mars-AttacksReleases Confirmed: The Mars Attacks Miniatures game will be the big release from Mantic games at Gen Con. The following items will be available (assuming all Kickstarter backers have their copies already).

• Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game $79.99
• Martian Grunts – $24.99
• US Soldiers – $24.99
• Attack from Space Boxed Set – $24.99
• Scenery Upgrade Pack – $39.99
• Deluxe Gaming Mat – $17.99
• Civilian Slaughter Upgrade Pack – $24.99

Mayday Games – Booth #143
ChopstickReleases Confirmed: Mayday Games will be releasing:

• Hold your Breath!
• Chopstick Mega Dexterity Challenge 3000
• Crokinole 2014 Edition
• Dead Man’s Draw

Mayfair Games – Booth #116, 117, 129, 323, 331
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

MERCS – Booth #1545 & 1549
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Minions Games – No Booth
Battle-MerchantsRelease Confirmed: Minion Games will not have a booth at Gen Con this year, but we’ve been told that thier new release, Battle Merchants, will be for sale at the convention. In addition to that, Battle Merchants game designer Gil Hova will be running at tournament at the convention. You can find out more information on that here.

Nazca Games – Booth #2836
VoltReleases Confirmed: Nazca Games will be releasing at least two (maybe more) new games at Gen Con.

• Tricks & Treats – A family friendly card game for 2-4 players
• VOLT: Robot Battle Arena – This was released in March 2014, but has been popular and will be for sale at Gen Con

North Star Games – Booth #349
Happy-BdayReleases Confirmed: The will not have any titles debut at Gen Con, but they will be selling Happy Birthday!, which debuted at Toy Fair and be taking pre-orders for Evolution, which was on Kickstarter this year.

Out of the Box Publishing – Booth #448
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Paizo Publishing – Booth #203 & 403
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Plaid Hat Games – Booth #2127
Dead of WinterReleases Confirmed: Plaid Hat Games will have multiple releases at Gen Con.

• Dead of Winter
• Video Game High School
• Mice and Mystics: Downwood Tales

They also hope to be demoing:

• Summoner Wars: Alliances
• Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn
• A yet to be announced futuristic stealth spy game.

Portal Games – Booth #664
Imperial-SettlersReleases Confirmed: Portal Games will be releasing two new games at Gen Con.

• Imperial Settlers – A card game based on the core mechanics of 51st State. More information here.
• Mississippi – A new army for Neuroshima Hex. More information here.

Potluck Games – Booth #2918
Dungeon DiceRelease Confirmed: They will be releasing Dungeon Dice at the convention and also have several varieties of dice packs to add to the game. Dungeon Dice is an all dice game of bashing monsters and finding treasure. Offered at a reduced price of $49 for GenCon.

Privateer Press – Booth #623, 717 & 823
Releases Confirmed: Privateer Press will have 3 new games debuting at Gen Con this year.

Level 7 Invasion Box_3D• Level 7 [Invasion] – A stand-alone, cooperative game of global strategy set in the LEVEL 7 universe and following the events of LEVEL 7 [Escape], LEVEL 7 [Escape]: Lockdown, and LEVEL 7 [Omega Protocol]. More info here.
War Machine High Command: Faith and Fortune – Take command of new factions with Warmachine High Command Faith & Fortune and recreate famous battles with the upcoming High Command game expansions!
• Monsternomicon – The Monsternomicon for Iron Kingdoms will also be releasing.

Queen Game – Booth #2139
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

R&R Games – Booth #251
Strike-a-poseReleases Confirmed: There will be 6 new releases for R&R Games at Gen Con this year.

• Get A Life – $11.95
• Strike a Pose – $19.95
• Hearts of Attraction  – $19.95
• New Haven (probably with some of the Charter expansions as well) – $39.95
• Guess The Mess – $19.95

S2 Adventures – Booth #1619
Release Confirmed: S2 Adventures will be releasing Dungeon Dwellers at Gen Con. They will be demoing and have events available throughout the weekend for players to participate in.

Sherwood Games – Booth #766
In The CityRelease Confirmed: At Gen Con they will be releasing their expansion to In the City: Origins called In The City: Harbor. This new expansions add ships, pirates and diplomats to the game.

Slugfest Games – Booth #1849
Releases Confirmed: Slugfest Games will have new releases for Gen Con. They will be releasing 2 new Allies for their Red Dragon Inn game.

• Ozrik the Adept – More information can be found here.
• Brother Bastian – More information can be found here.

Smirk and Dagger Games – Booth #1238
Student-BodiesRelease Confirmed: A Gen Con this year they will be releasing Student Bodies.

Student Bodies is an “I just have to outrun YOU” game of desperation and betrayal. It begins back-stabby, but for players who rise as Smart Zombies, it can turn into a cooperative zombie win as they join the game to kill the living players. Optimized from 2-4 players, the game can accommodate a fifth player by adjusting the deck and play time. The giant 3 foot board and gorgeously illustrated standees create incredible table presence, with game play that delivers a real visceral sense of desperation lacking in other games of the genre – & laughter stemming from the lengths to which people will go, just to survive. ”

Sparks Games – Booth #768
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Stronghold Games – Booth #2231
Releases Confirmed: Stronghold Games will have 4 new releases at Gen Con this year.

• Diamonds: This is a trick-taking card game by the master of card games, Mike Fitzgerald. It is the first in their new Pocket Line. Diamonds features gorgeous art-deco card styling, and great physical components.
Space Cadets Dice Duel• Among The Stars: This is the co-publication of the highly-acclaimed card drafting game from Artipia Games. It has the card-drafting mechanic of “7 Wonders”, plus great “spatial” gameplay (building of a space station in front of you), plus better theming and great artwork.
• Panamax: An mid-heavy economic eurogame of shipping goods through the Panama Canal. Several unique mechanics in this game, such as an action die selection mechanic, plus ship-pushing to move your ships through the canal.
• Space Cadets: Dice Duel – Die Fighter expansion: This is the first expansion for our hit “Space Cadets: Dice Duel” from last year.  Now supporting from 2 to 10 players, each team can launch themselves into Fighters, which are more fragile but faster.  Two new gameplay modes are included as well.

Tasty Minstrel Games – Booth #359 & 363
Coin AgePotential Releases: TMG is expecting to debut the following microgames at the convention:

Coin Age
• This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the 2-4 of Us
Templar Intrigue.

The Dungeon Roll Winter Heroes Pack is also expected to be on display. Whether all of those will be for sale or not is still up in the air.

Twilight Creations – Booth #1201
hastur La VistaReleases Confirmed: At Gen Con this year Twilight Creations will be releasing:

• Cthulhu!!!: Hastur La Vista, Baby! – $34.99
• Jupiter Rescue – $49.99
• Zombies!!!: Deadtime Stories – $19.99
• Zombies!!! 13: DEFCON Z – $24.99
• Crap or Slap! – $19.99

Amberdeen AffairTwo Penny Games – Booth #565 (Ad Magic Booth)
Releases Confirmed: Fresh off Kickstarter, Two Penny Games will be releasing The Amberden Affair. A grand party is underway at the Amberden Manor house. While busily carrying out orders from the distinguished guests, you will also be on the lookout for the Miscreant Impostor. Misdirect, accuse and spread rumors to identify this killer among you before time runs out.

Upper Deck – Booth #1207
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

IncredibrawlV3G – Booth #2727
Releases Confirmed: V3G will be going to be at GenCon this year (first time) with two games, IncrediBrawl and Strife. IncrediBrawl was just released this past February and Strife will be Kickstarted this fall. We’ll have a limited “Preview” edition of Strife to sell at GenCon as well.

Winning Moves Games – Booth #941
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Wizards of the Coast – No Booth in Dealer Hall.
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Wizkids Games – Booth #1817
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Wyrd Games – Booth #923
Potential Releases: Wyrd Games is holding information on their Gen Con releases until July.

Z-Man Games – Booth #2009
Releases Confirmed: Z-Man Games will have 4 new releases at Gen Con this year.

• The Battle at Kemble’s Cascade – This game is the board game adaptation of retro shoot ‘em up video games! The game is played out on a scrolling space backdrop that continuously reveals new threats like asteroids, space mines, and enemy fighters and cruisers. Be careful, or you will crash straight into the final boss!
1-5 players – 13+ – 45 min – $39.99

Pandemic: Contagion• Pandemic – Contagion – You are the virus – there is no cure! For too long has the human race assaulted diseases. For too long has mankind found cures and other means to eradicate them from the planet. Now, the diseases are fighting back and humanity doesn’t stand a chance! Will you be the disease that exterminates humanity?
2-5 players – 13+ – 30 min – $19.99

• Tragedy Looper – A time-loop deduction board game. A Mastermind will unfold a mystery while the Protagonists try to figure out what is going on. As a Protagonist, your goal is to break out of the time loop maze and create a happy future. As a Mastermind, your goal is to trigger tragedies and feast your eyes upon the misery of your opponents. Who will triumph?
2-4 players – 13+ – 120 min – $39.99

• Chimera – Will you master the Chimeras or will they defeat you? Chimara will transport you into the world of Tichu, but this time, only for three players. Each round, the player who will have the courage to place the highest bet will become the Chimera. His two opponents then become the hunters. They will do everything in their power to stop the Chimera from winning his bet.
3 players – 13+ – 45 mins – $19.99


  1. Thanks for including Devious Weasel Games on your list! Shadows of Malice is our first release. There are 2 spots left in the Thurs night event at Gen Con if you want to play it with the game designer!

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