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Kickstarters of the Week: 4/24


It’s just about the last week of April and around here, the weather has taken the “April Showers” mantra to heart. While it has given me a good excuse to stay inside and game, I’m about done with the constant gloom and wetness. On the plus side, we have some really interesting Kickstarter campaigns for you to check out this week. So we got that goin’ for us, which is nice.


It’s a strategic, secret role, semi-cooperative, social tabletop card game with dice and a miniature. Will you be next to become Infected?

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount:  $15
Ends: Monday, April 24th

HardbackHardback – The “Pre-Quill” to Paperback

It’s a new chapter in deckbuilding / word games. Compete to build the best deck of letters and finish your bestseller before your opponents.

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount: $27

Peak OilPeak Oil, a tabletop game about Crisis and Profit

It’s drill and ship oil, buy hi-tech start-ups and meddle with the media to lead your crumbling oil giant into a future without oil.

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount: $40

City of KingsThe City of Kings: A Cooperative Adventure for 1 – 4 Heroes

You and up to three friends must try to reclaim the realms. Explore, gather, trade and customize your hero to prepare for battle!

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount: £59+

While he will play just about anything, Tony loves games that let him completely immerse himself in the theme. He also is a bit of a component addict.

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