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Kickstarters of the Week: 2/19


Welcome to the edition of our Kickstarters of the Week. We’ve got quite the diverse lineup for you this week with card games, minis games, and even a dice game. Hopefully you can find something in this week’s group that will pique your curiosity and give you another option for your tabletop. Enjoy!

XiaXia: Embers of a Forsaken Star and Xia: Missions and Powers

Expands the universe of Xia. Pre-painted miniatures! New Sectors! New Missions! New Powers! A 1-5 player sandbox-style space adventure!

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount: $15+

Isle of TerrorIsles of Terror

Embark on sinister adventures in this 1-6 player story-driven strategy game of exploration and conquest.

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount: €45+


Can you outsmart your friends and be the first to save the world from a terrible pandemic in this logic and deduction game?

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount: $19+

RamboRambo: The Board Game

No Man, No Law, No War Can Stop RAMBO! The Tactical Mission-Based Cooperative Board Game with Unique Stealth and Fog of War Mechanics!

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount: $60+


Dicetopia is a quick strategic board game about dominating neighborhoods, collecting shiny dice loot and completing secret missions!

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount: SEK 200 ~$25+

Planet ApocalypsePlanet Apocalypse

An exciting co-op board game in which post-apocalypse heroes confront the hordes of Hell.

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount: $100+

While he will play just about anything, Tony loves games that let him completely immerse himself in the theme. He also is a bit of a component addict.

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