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Kickstarters of the Week: 12/7


Welcome to our first batch of Kickstarters of the Week for December. I can tell we are in the holiday season as things are definitely slowing down on Kickstarter. In the previous months, there were about 220-230 campaigns always running. Now, there is around 170. I expect things to pick up after the holidays and get back to business as usual. Fortunately, there are still plenty of interesting games for you to check out. Enjoy!

EndureEndure the Stars

An epic 1-6 player Sci-Fi co-op fight for survival, set amongst the ruins of the N.W.E. Hikari spaceship, now with 78 miniatures.

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount: £60
Ends: Monday, December 7th

Arcadia QuestArcadia Quest: Inferno

Lead your Guild of heroes into Inferno, fight the demons and loot the Underworld in this action-packed fantasy adventure board game!

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount: $100
Ends: Tuesday, December 8th

Perditions MouthPerdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift – a Dark Fantasy Co-op

A gritty ruthless dungeon crawl high replay value, yet easy to learn. Elegant mechanics supporting deep tactical decisions.

Current Status: 73% Funded
Pledge Amount: $79+
Ends: Friday, December 11th

Roll PlayerROLL PLAYER – The Dice Game that Builds Character!

Draft dice to assemble attribute scores. Purchase weapons/armor. Train to gain skills and discover your champion’s traits. Be a hero!

Current Status: 76% Funded
Pledge Amount: $45
Ends: Friday, December 11th

DraconisDraconis Invasion: The Dark Fantasy Deck-Building Game

Battle the dark powers of Draconis in the ultimate medieval fantasy deck-building game. With over 300 beautifully illustrated cards.

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount: $44
Ends: Saturday, December 12th

While he will play just about anything, Tony loves games that let him completely immerse himself in the theme. He also is a bit of a component addict.


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