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Kickstarters of the Week: 11-9


Prepare your wallets, we have one of the biggest batches of Kickstarters of the Week yet. I guess every campaign wanted to have their end date this week. A lot of minis games this week, and as you know, those can really wreck a gaming budget. But never fear, we’ve got some lower cost campaigns for you to check out as well. Enjoy!

Z War OneZ War One – Damnation

Z War One – Damnation is the world’s first episodic, comic book miniature board game.

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount: £59
Ends: Thursday, November 12th

Swords and SorcerySword & Sorcery – Epic Fantasy Co-op board & miniature game

The Legend begins! Play heroes of epic stature in this fantasy boardgame, with high-quality figures and amazing cooperative gameplay.

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount: $110
Ends: Thursday, November 12th


Trade ingredients, and cast spells in the underground potion market, on your way to becoming the next wizard of the High Council.

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount: $48
Ends: Thursday, November 12th

KodamaKodama: The Tree Spirits

An inTREEguing game for 2-5 players in 45 minutes or less.

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount: $19 or $27
Ends: Thursday, November 12th

SugoiTHE SUGOÏ SERIES – Siam/Senseï/YokaïNoMori

The makers of Taluva Deluxe and PitchCar now bring you 3 challenging two-player games. Test your wits & beautify your games collection!

Current Status: 90% Funded
Pledge Amount: $35+
Ends: Friday, November 13th

Kill Doctor LuckyKill Doctor Lucky

A new deluxe edition of Kill Doctor Lucky, a classic board game from Cheapass Games.

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount: $50
Ends: Friday, November 13th

BlackoutBlackout: Journey into Darkness

Blackout is a post-apocalyptic miniatures game set in the Northern Wastes. Blackout offers solo and co-op play for 1-4 players.

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount: $100
Ends: Friday, November 13th

RivalsRivals: Masters of the Deep

A tactical Miniatures board game for 2-4 players set in a mysterious underwater realm where 4 factions battle for supremacy.

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount: $75
Ends: Saturday, November 14th

While he will play just about anything, Tony loves games that let him completely immerse himself in the theme. He also is a bit of a component addict.


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