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Kickstarter of the Week: Bomb Squad


Bomb SquadWhat do you get when you take Hanabi, RoboRally and Escape: Curse of the Temple and throw them all in a blender? Probably our newest Kickstarter of the Week: Bomb Squad by Tasty Minstrel Games. In this real time game, players are trying to work together to achieve the goals of a particular scenario (disarm a bomb, rescue hostages, etc…). The game is similar to Hanabi in that players hold their cards facing out and don’t know what they have in their hands. However, unlike Hanabi, time is the crucial resource in Bomb Squad. As the players are making decisions and taking their turns, the clock is constantly ticking down.

  • Bomb Squad CardsReal-time play: Players each take turns in clockwise order and are free to take as long as they want on their turn. However, there is a timer counting down in real time so players will want to be as efficient—or as fast—as possible. (pressure)
  • Cooperative game play: The players all work together, winning or losing collectively as a team. Scoring rules enable teams to assess how successful their performance was and work to do better. (friendship)
  • Hidden Card Information: Players hold their cards away from them so that the fronts are facing the other players. Players give each other Intel to figure out which cards they have in hand. (wits)
  • Limited Communication: Players may only communicate via the Intel they give each other. Table talk about which cards are needed, or where the robot should go, gives implied hints about which cards to play and is prohibited. (difficulty)

While the game combines elements from other, familiar games, it still feels somewhat unique and I’m looking forward to giving this one a shot. Bomb Squad is well on its way to hitting its funding goal and will most likely unlock a good amount of stretch rewards. If you’d like to become a backer, a $35 pledge will get you a copy of Bomb Squad in your hands. The game is scheduled to be in backers hands in April of 2015 and you have until Wednesday, October 1st to become a backer. So head over today and give it a look.

BOMB SQUAD - an Intense Cooperative Real-time Game -- Kicktraq Mini

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