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Kickstarter of the Week: Artifacts, Inc.


Artifacts IncRed Raven Games is quietly becoming one of my favorite small publishers. From their breakout hit 8 Minute Empire and it’s even better follow up, 8 Minute Empire Legends, I’m always excited when they bring something new to light. I haven’t yet gotten to try their newest game, The Ancient World, but I’m definitely looking forward to checking that one out.

Red Raven Games is now back on Kickstarter with their newest offering, Artifacts, Inc. In this dice rolling game, players take on the role of hungry adventurers searching for artifacts throughout the world. They must travel to exotic locations in the hopes of being earning renown and becoming the world’s most famous adventurer. Now that we know the theme, we can look to how the game is played.

From the Kickstarter Page:

artifacts-inc-cardsIn Artifacts, Inc., 2-4 players compete to grow the most famous archeology company. Players roll dice, which represent their troop of adventurers, and place them on cards in order to find artifacts, sell them to museums, and purchase new cards representing their company assets. Players can choose to focus on making lots of money by selling artifacts, having museum majorities, creating the best combination of expeditions and buildings, or searching below the waves for lost cities and hidden treasures. The first player to reach 20 reputation triggers the end of the game, and the player with the most total reputation wins!

Artifacts, Inc. features the same stellar artwork by painter/publisher Ryan Laukat. I’ve been a fan of his for years and his art style always gets me to stop and check out his new games. Artifacts, Inc. is close to hitting its funding goal (at the time of this writing) and has many stretch goals planned. If you’d like to become a backer, a $22 pledge will get you a copy of the game shipped to your door. Artifacts, Inc. is scheduled to be in backers hands in August of 2015 and you have until Monday, December 15 to make a pledge. So head over today and give it a look.

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