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Funkoverse: Squid Game 100 and 101 Review

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On Apr 10, 2023
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We review the Funkoverse Squid Game set published by Funko Games. The Funkoverse Core Game and 101 expansion add in new characters, abilities, and maps for you to use in your games of Funkoverse.

Funkoverse Squid GameFunkoverse: Squid Game 100 is the core game, with two maps, four characters, and 4 different game scenarios. Funkoverse: Squid Game 101 is an expansion to the core game. It features two characters in one; you can play as the faceless Masked Manager or remove the mask and play as an undercover detective Jun-ho.

This game is best with two, four, or six players aged seventeen or more and takes about 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the scenario and how many people are playing. The game suggests two to four players, but you can mix and match characters from other Funkoverse kits and easily play with more players.

Gameplay Overview

In Funkoverse, two to four (or even six) players can play together on a squared board map. The map and game scenario (ruleset and objectives) will differ according to the version of the game you’re playing.

A player controls one to three characters, typically divided into two teams, and may select an item. Players begin in the starting area of their respective teams. The game allows the player to choose a character based on his/her traits, defense points, and unique special abilities.

Funkoverse Squid Game Characters
The core set comes with 4 new characters to use.

Players alternate, taking two actions with characters who still need to be played each round. After playing, a character gets “exhausted”. Among the different actions you will:

  • Move two squares in any direction, including diagonally.
  • Interact with tokens on the board to activate them.
  • Use Abilities, Items, or Traits’ actions.
  • Challenge adjacent rivals by rolling two dice to attack. Every hit counts as one success, while every “!!!” counts as three. Afterward, the defender rolls the dice (each character has its own defense value), with every shield counting as a success and every “!!!” counts as three. When you roll more successes than the defender, you knock them down. An opponent who is already down is knocked out.
  • Assist and stand up an adjacent ally who has been knocked down.
  • Rally and stand up if your character is knocked down. In this case, both actions must be used.

You can refer to “Funkoverse Strategy Game Review” for a more comprehensive overview.

Funkoverse Squid Game’s version features brand-new scenarios based on the Netflix series. Race to the finish line in “Red Light, Green Light”, or break your opponents’ protection in “The Squid Game”! All characters are unique, and you can alter the rules with Front Man as you play, both for allies and rivals!

Funkoverse Squid Game Components
As with all the Funkoverse games, the components are excellent.

Game Experience

This is a light tactical game without the complexity and steep learning curve typical of Skirmish or Duelling Board Games. Complexity, Setup, Teardown, and Downtime are all low as other Funkoverse games. However, it is a strategy game that takes practice to master. Luck plays a significant role during challenges as you will be rolling dice, which makes the game exciting. As always, it is a great filler and gateway game for introducing newcomers to the hobby. Replay value is unlimited, as you can combine characters and items from Squid Game with the rest of the Funkoverse universe and vice versa.

Funkoverse Squid Game 101
The 101 set lets you use a figure as two different characters.

For a quick overview of the characters:

  • Front Man is one of the most powerful characters, if not the most powerful, from all Funkoverse ones. He uses primarily deception abilities to trick the opponents. He can also change the game’s actual rules (like default challenge, movement, and cooldown attributes) at the start of each round and even during his turn.
  • Il-Nam starts the game with an extra point. He has only one die on defense, but he is the only character of the game that can take action when knocked down, making him highly versatile. He is a leader and team player and has excellent supportive abilities.
  • Sae-Byeok primarily uses deception abilities.
  • Gi-Hun has an outstanding balance of leadership and dexterity ability and is an incredibly supportive character to his allies.
  • Jun-Ho is a detective and places evidence tokens on his cooldown track. He has primarily dexterity abilities that get a boost from evidence tokens. He also has a deceitful “Send Data” ability that can be used to gain points by shifting two evidence tokens out of the cooldown track.
  • The Masked Manager is a powerful fighter and ranger mixing strength and dexterity abilities. He can be unbeatable attacking at range.
Funkoverse Squid Game Maps
The maps in Funkoverse Squid Games are highly thematic.

Of all the Funkoverse games I’ve ever played (and I have the entire collection), Funkoverse Squid Game custom scenarios are the most thematic ones, providing significant fictional involvement and absolutely immersing you into the series’ atmosphere. The characters’ abilities and traits also mirror and represent their series counterparts completely transporting you into Squid Game!

The Red Light, Green Light, and The Squid Game scenarios are the cherry on top of the cake here. Or would it be better to say “the blood on the top of the pile of bodies”? During Red Light, Green Light, characters run toward the end line while the doll tracks when they move around. At the end of each round, those closer to the doll will be shot and have to defend against a powerful attack. It is gory and loads of fun! What a crazy twist to Funkoverse; it unquestionably feels like you’re playing the game in the TV show.

During The Squid Game, you will play the game that gives the name to the series. One team plays offense, trying to carry squid markers from an entry area to the scoring area without stepping out of bounds. In contrast, another team plays defense, trying to knock out players to prevent them from reaching the scoring area. It’s an asymmetrical scenario, and from experience, I found it somewhat unbalanced toward a strong defense team that can easily overpower the offense.

Final Thoughts

Funkoverse is a great board game for gamers and non-gamers alike. There’s something for everyone in this game, and Squid Game is just one of many options you have when playing. If you’re looking for a competitive, fast-paced game that’s easy to learn but difficult to master, give Squid Game a try next time you sit down for a round of Funkoverse.

The Squid Game is one of their newest Funkoverse releases and is also my favorite! The two unique scenarios based on the Squid Game series are the best scenarios of all the Funkoverse universe and are definitely the most fun to play. All things considered, this is the most thematic Funkoverse game ever released: maps, scenarios, characters, and mechanics are a perfect match to the TV series. And some of the best and most powerful characters from all Funkoverse characters can be found here. Funkoverse Squid Game is the Funkoverse game you must have.

Final Score: 4.5 Stars – This is considered the top favorite Funkoverse game by everyone I have played it with.

4.5 StarsHits:
• The most thematic Funkoverse game ever.
• Some of the best and most powerful characters from all.
• Almost universal consent that this is the best Funkoverse game released.

• The Squid Game scenario is asymmetric and not well-balanced. But it’s extremely entertaining.
• Some characters, like the Front Man or Il Nam, are over-powerful or too resourceful.

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