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The Last of Us… and Lost to Us?


Last of Us Board GameIn a surprise announcement, Naughty Dog informed the world that they are partnering with Themeborne to publish a tabletop game for The Last of Us.

Who is Themeborne you may be asking? They are an independent publisher out of the UK best known for their Escape the Dark series, Escape the Dark Castle, and Escape the Dark Sector. I have never played either of these games but I have always wanted to try them out. They have a VERY unique art style and are cooperative, which is my jam.

You can go to Naughty Dog’s website to see some concept art and get some early details, but I will tell you the important part right now – it will be coming to Kickstarter on November 8th. If you go here you can follow the campaign on Kickstarter.

I opened with this being a “surprise announcement.” What is so surprising you may ask? Well, back in September 2020, CMON announced they were creating a The Last of Us game. Go here to check it out.

I am not sure what happened to the CMON version, but little has been said in the last two years. Perhaps that version has been… Lost to Us.

NOW you see what I did there.

You are welcome.

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