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Renegade Games Announces G.I. JOE Mission Critical


Gi Joe Mission Critical

This year marks the 40th anniversary of G.I. Joe. If you are like me, then you probably have a ton of fond memories of spending Saturday morning with this cartoon. Last year, I was able to fill up on a healthy dose of nostalgia thanks to the great G.I. Joe Deck Building Game. But there is apparently more G.I. Joe goodness coming from Renegade Games. Unfortunately, it’s not an expansion to the deck-building game, but it sounds interesting nonetheless.

Gi Joe Mission Critical CardsToday they announced the upcoming release of G.I. JOE Mission Critical. This is a cooperative board game for 1-5 players that takes about 50-70 minutes to play. The players will take control of their favorite Joe and face off against Cobra Commander, who is run by the game’s AI.

Not a lot of details were given in 4+ minute video, other than a few card shots and some close-up shots of the minis. But the few details we have are that the minis are 48m tall, and the core game will be releasing alongside the first expansion in October this year. The email announcement also said:

Gi Joe Mission Critical Snake Eyes“Stop Cobra in locations around the world, and try to defeat Cobra Commander himself to save the day! G.I. JOE Mission Critical uses the Guardian System, providing a tense, challenging and cooperative gaming experience!”


Some of the characters revealed to be in the first wave will be Duke, Snake Eyes, The Baroness, Cobra Commander, Cover Girl, Major Blood, and Stalker.

Preorders will open up on the Renegade Games website in April, and anyone who puts in a preorder will also get a free Snake Eyes mini in a retro-style blister pack.

Hit up the Renegade Games website to sign up for more info.


  1. GI Joe dates back to the early 1960’s with the production of the 12inch military figures. In the UK it became Action Man under licence. The figures are still on sale today as indeed are the smaller GI Joe combat figures. I take it that when you refer to the 40th anniversary you are commenting on the cartoon series and not the founding of the original figure, which dates back approximately 60 years.

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