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Nova Hero Pack Announced for Marvel Champions


The newest expansion for the award-winning Marvel Champions LCG was announced today from Fantasy Flight Games. Sam Alexander, AKA Nova rockets into your lineup of heroes to use for the game. Nova is well known for his run in the Champions comic book, in fact, that’s his only affiliation on his hero card. His alter-ego is just a civilian. In addition to his 15 card hero deck, he also comes with a pre-built aggression deck with some new red cards to tinker with. Nova appears to focus a lot on “wild” resources and powerful events. In fact, his signature Supernova Helmet gives him the Ariel trait and can generate a wild resource for him.


From the announcement page:

Nova Helmet“In his hero form, Nova (Nova, 1A) is a powerful burst character with lots of low-cost events. The Supernova Helmet is the only upgrade among his signature cards, and with its ability to consistently generate “wild” resources, Nova can use it to pay for cards like Lightspeed Flight (Nova, 4) and Pot Shot (Nova, 5) without sacrificing any other cards from his hand. With Ms. Marvel (Nova, 2) letting you get multiple uses out of the same event and Nova’s innate ability letting you ready his helmet, you’ll start stacking up threat removal and damage before you even know it. If you’re ready to clear out lots of minions or side schemes, then be sure to Unleash Nova Force (Nova, 6) to gain unstoppable momentum. Even if you’ve completely exhausted your Supernova Helmet, you can still utilize your Connection to the Worldmind (Nova, 7) to help pay for your events, which means Nova will almost always be ready for some serious burst power.

…This set features the ultra-tough Armadillo (Nova, 29), a Brute minion with the unique ability to stack up multiple tough status cards at once. Only one tough status card is discarded when Armadillo would take damage (unless the attack has piercing), which means the more times you let him activate, the harder he becomes to defeat! Armadillo on his own is already “tough” to deal with, but with cards like Rollin’, Rollin’ (Nova, 30) and Tough it Out (Nova, 32) also added to the mix, it’s clear that this encounter set can make any situation significantly harder!”

Nova is scheduled to arrive in stores in May this year and has an MSRP of $16.99.

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