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New “Big” Sequel for Undaunted in the Works from Osprey Games


Undaunted Normandy

During a live stream with Osprey Games at AwSHUX this past weekend, game designers Trevor Benjamin and David Thompson teased that they are working on a “big sequel” for their award-winning line of Undaunted games. Undaunted: Normandy and its follow up, Undaunted: North Africa have already been released to great acclaim. This summer also promises the release of the second Undaunted expansion,  Undaunted: Reinforcements. This modular expansion promises to add in, among other things, solo play and 4v4 team play to both previous Undaunted games.

When asked what’s coming after Reinforcements, they joked that the line has “come to its end”, before quickly saying that’s not true because “it’s all they feel like they’ve been working on for the past year and a half.” They continued by saying that what’s coming is “super, super big. It’s taken us a ton of time to work on“ and that “it’s a beast.”

They weren’t allowed to talk about the theme, but they did say that the most commonly requested themes for the next Undaunted game are either the Pacific Theater or Eastern Front (Stalingrad).

Undaunted Gameplay

They also mentioned that they are thinking even “further down the line” and that the core gameplay loop for that expansion is mostly done. This means that in addition to this summer’s Reinforcements release, there are at least two other Undaunted titles in the works.

If you haven’t tried either, Undaunted: Normandy and North Africa both combine deck building with some light skirmish gameplay set during World War 2. The game takes players on a series of missions inspired by events during the war. Undaunted: North Africa was the follow-up to Normandy and added a few twists, such as vehicles and more asymmetrical missions. It also won our 2020 BGQ Award for best two-player board game.

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