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Monopoly Save Your Token

Monopoly to Remove Iconic Game Piece

I normally don't write about Monopoly on this site. It's not very high on my list of games to play on a Saturday night....
Holiday Cthulhu

New Year, New Changes

About six months ago I started this site with a goal in mind. To play 101 board games in 1001 days. It was a...
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from BGQ

We hope you are enjoying all the holidays. There is no new game review on Board Game Quest this week as we are enjoying...
Gygax Magazine Logo

Gygax Magazine Releases Table of Contents for First Issue

There has been some buzz lately around the gaming community about Gygax Magazine. Not much is known about the magazine that bears the name...
Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity Holiday Pack

The fine, deranged, folks over at Cards Against Humanity have created a great card game that we love here. (read our review of the...
Holiday Cthulhu

Board Game Gift Guide

Just in time for your holiday shopping, we've released the 2012 Board Game Gift Guide. Each game recommended has a small write up and...

Ticket to Ride Europe – Free Today

A quick news update for you today. Days of Wonder is having a 1 day sale (11/15/12) on their Ticket to Ride Europe iphone...



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