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Designer Tournament Header

Board Game Designer Tournament – Final Four

Round 4 is in the books and we finally have some designers sent to the bench. If you missed the start of the tournament,...
Lord of the Rings LCG Digital

Lord of the Rings Digital LCG First Impressions

This week saw the release of the much anticipated Lord of the Rings card game on Steam Early Access. If you aren't familiar with...
Board Game Bento

Board Game Bento Thoughts

Writers for Board Game Quest are occasionally asked to evaluate a product that we might not be the main consumers for. In the case...
Origins Recap

Origins 2016 Recap

As a resident of the Midwest, I’m fortunate to have a relatively short trip to two of the biggest board game conventions: Origins and...
Wasteland Express Delivery Service Game Experience

Wasteland Express Delivery Service Giveaway

A few days ago we posted our review of Pandasauras' new pick up and deliver game, Wasteland Express Delivery Service. This game created a...

Adventures on the Tabletop: A Board Game Design Documentary

I recently was made aware of Adventures on the Tabletop. If you are not familiar with the project, documentary film maker Douglas Morse is taking on the...
BGQ Staff

Gen Con 2017 Recap

Gen Con 2017 is in the books and it was, as always, the "Best Four Days of Gaming". The entire Board Game Quest team...



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