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What are you doing on November 22nd and does it rhyme with “Packing Belden King?”


What are you doing on November 22nd and does it rhyme with “Packing Belden King?”

I know I will be clicking “Back this Project” because Steamforged Games has announced November 22nd as the launch date of the Elden Ring Kickstarter campaign.

This is the future news I was looking forward to when I posted on September 16th.

“But Brian, is there anything more besides a launch date?”

Yes. Box Art.

Elden Ring Board Game

“But Brian…just one more piece of news and we will leave you alone for today…we promise!”

Fine. Teaser Trailer.

Why is this trailer significant? Because it is making me admit I was wrong. On May 13, 2022, I posted my Top 10 Kickstarter Mistakes article. I was wrong, for this campaign only, on my #2 worst thing.



    • I appreciate your in depth analysis of SFG’s entire product line, but I disagree.

      SFG’s handling of Guild Ball and the Dark Soul’s Kickstarter campaign damaged their reputation for sure. But I feel they learned from their mistakes, something more experienced publishers still seem to have problems doing (CMON and Mythic to name two). They are releasing two new core sets to address people’s concern about the campaign that shipped with Dark Souls. They are releasing the rules update for original owners so they can incorporate rules changes in their games (they would need to buy one of the two core sets for the new components tied to the campaigns).

      Horizons Zero Dawn is a fun game. The hunts are interesting as is the upgrading options for your characters.

      Bardsung, while flawed, is a very fun dungeon crawler (with excellent minis) that I still play even after completing my review.

      Resident Evil 3 is one of the best cooperative survival Boardgames I have ever played (review incoming in the next couple weeks).

      Monster Hunter and Resident Evil both look like more great video game to tabletop conversions. Hopefully Elden Ring will be the same.

      I hope you give SFG games another chance. If you don’t like them, that’s fine, but it is dismissive to say they are garbage.


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