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This is the Way… to Fantasy Flight Games’ Cash Cow


Another year, another Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars product is announced.

Fantasy Flight Games has announced Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game. Now that’s the most boring title I have heard in a long time. A long time.

Star Wars Deckbuilding GameOutside of the world’s most generic title, the game actually sounds interesting. It is a dueling, Rebel vs. Empire, deckbuilding game. I personally love deckbuilding games. Yes, I usually do hate conflict, but A) this is Star Wars and B) I like two-person dueling games.

Players start with a ten-card starter deck and then build their deck from the six card galaxy row, which consists of Rebel, Empire, and Neutral cards. Once you have enough resources, you can buy cards from your faction or the Neutral faction. Well, what about your opposition’s cards? You can sabotage (Rebel) or Bounty Hunt (Empire) them with firepower from cards from your deck. If successful, the card gets discarded and you get a reward.

So what, exactly, is the objective of the game? To destroy three of your opponent’s bases. The first to do that wins.

Star Wars Deckbuilding Game

There are other gameplay elements, like The Force (of course) and capital ships. The link above provides more details than I have, and has some cool pictures and links to cards as well.

Star Wars: The Deckbuilding game (ugh) will be available in March 2023. When more details become available, I will provide an update.

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