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The Hood Scenario Pack Announced for Marvel Champions LCG


The HoodOne week after announcing the addition of the War Machine Hero Pack to Marvel Champions, publisher Fantasy Flight Games has unveiled the next Scenario Pack coming to the award-winning card game—The Hood. It’s the fourth scenario pack, following the previously released Green Goblin, Wrecking Crew, and Kang decks.

The Hood is a supervillain stemming from the world of Daredevil and the pack will include 78 cards with nine modular encounter sets that can be mixed in with any scenario in the game. Here’s more from Fantasy Flight:

“Ever since he witnessed a battle between Electro and Daredevil as a child, the life of a supervillain was enticing to Parker Robbins. Later, while stealing money to pay for his mother’s medical care, a chance encounter with a demon left Robbins with a pair of boots that let him walk on air and an equally-mystical red cloak. Now, as the Hood, Robbins and his budding criminal empire are swiftly becoming a formidable threat to the people of New York City.

This 78-card scenario pack introduces a new scenario to Marvel Champions showcasing the Hood and his notorious organization of supervillains. Also included are a whopping nine modular encounter sets that can be mixed in with any scenario—including the Hood’s—to add more customization options to your Marvel Champions experience. Are you prepared to take down a dangerous criminal empire?”

The Hood

The Hood’s scenario pack will start off differently compared to others. You’ll choose seven modular encounter sets from Marvel Champions, but only shuffle one of them into the encounter deck to begin with. As the game progresses and The Hood continues to scheme, more encounter cards are shuffled into the main deck to make the challenge even more difficult for the heroes. Some notable villains inside the pack include Boomerang, Shocker, and Crossfire.

Fantasy Flight Games has this set to hit the shelves in the fall. There’s plenty of content already on the way for Marvel Champions fans with Nebula and War Machine’s Hero Packs, The Mad Titan’s Campaign Expansion, and now The Hood Scenario pack all coming in 2021.

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