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Persona 5 Royal? Card Game?? COOPERATIVE??? Yes please!


Pandasaurus Games has just announced that it is partnering with ATLUS, publisher of Persona 5 Royal, to release a cooperative card-game based on their smash hit RPG. The targeted release date appears to be October 21, 2023.

And… that’s about all of the details that I can provide at this time. There isn’t a BGG page set up for the game yet. I am not even sure if it will be funded through Kickstarter/Gamefound or if it will be a retail release. To be honest, the news release was pretty sparse in terms of details.

I love cooperative games and am also a HUGE fan of Persona 5 (I never got to play Persona 5 Royal, but that will soon be remedied when it comes to GamePass on October 21st), so I am interested in how Pandasaurus balances providing the scope of the beloved IP with creating a fun, engaging card game. I will be closely following this game and will provide news updates as they become available.

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