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Kinfire Chronicles: Night’s Fall coming to Kickstarter


Kinfire ChroniclesIncredible Dream Studios was founded by veterans of the videogame industry who wanted to bring the storytelling and videogame experience offline and to tabletop gaming, where players can experience games together in the same room in “playful immersion.”

Their first game, Kinfire Chronicles: Night’s Fall, will be launching on Kickstarter on August 30th. Kevin Wilson, designer of such household names (well, at least within board gaming circles) as Descent and Arkham Horror, is the lead designer of this game.

KinfireWhy is this a big deal? I was provided a glimpse of the game at Gen Con and was impressed with what I saw. It is a one to four player cooperative campaign adventure where players will play the role of seekers, people that are trying to protect Atios, their planet, from the darkens that is consuming it.

The game will include at least 15 quests (each taking about an hour) that are linked by a branching narrative that changes based on your choices. This format reminded me of the excellent Roll Player Adventures; however, battles are played out on tactical maps and use acrylic standees instead of being solved via a dice puzzle.

Pricing is not currently available, but it will be once the campaign opens up on August 30th!

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