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Kevin James inspired Zoo Tycoon coming to Kickstarter on October 25th!



Zoo TycoonZoo Tycoon, heavily influenced by the smash hit movie, Zookeeper, will be… wait. What do you mean the Zoo Tycoon video game was released ten years BEFORE the Zookeeper movie?? Shoot. That was my opening bit. Oh well. I am sure the elite editors at BGQ will catch my mistake and fix the title…

*Drumroll, Part 2*

Zoo Tycoon, the video game that heavily influenced America’s #1 Zoo RomCom, Zookeeper, is coming to Kickstarter on October 25th!

Zoo TycoonTreecer acquired the rights to create a board game based on the popular video game from Microsoft. They have been working for over three years in developing the game, balancing being faithful to the IP while providing an entertaining board game. Two to four players will create their own zoo, balancing caretaking for the animals (34 species will be available), conservation efforts, and managing the business side of running a zoo. The game will be on the heavier side, with a game time of 120+ minutes. If this sounds like Ark Nova, it does not appear to be similar. There is more focus on the animals and will include over 230 wooden animeeples. I feel it is safe to say there is still room for games in the thematic Zoo Building genre.

If you want to read more about the game, head over to the Treecer website. If you want to follow the Kickstarter campaign, click on the Notify me on Launch button here. I am looking forward to seeing the campaign details on October 25th!

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