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CMON Set to release its Zombicide NFTs


Zombicide PackLast year, CMON (Zombicide, Rising Sun, Blood Rage) announced that it was partnering with Monsoon Digital to launch an NFT trading platform. It looks like they are finally ready as last night, CMON sent out an email to its massive Kickstarter backer list announcing the pending release of its Zombicide Digital Collectible Cards.

The email says that they are giving away “$2 Million” in free packs to CMON backers. Each Pack has a retail value of $10 and contains:

  • 5 x Common cards
  • 1 x Rare/Legendary card
  • 1 x Backer Exclusive Promo card

There is a countdown on the linked Monsoon page announcing the official release of the product on September 15.

With that out of the way, I’d like to editorialize for a moment. As I mentioned in our post about Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu NFTs, NFTs are pointless at best, and a scam at worst. They’ve long been a solution in search of a problem. You don’t actually seem to own anything with NFTs, other than a link pointing to an image/item that anyone can access. Yet at one point people were spending millions of dollars on them. With this year’s crypto crash, the NFT market has tumbled along with it.

And CMON here seems to be combining NFTs and randomized booster packs in a win for just about nobody. You’ll be able to sell your “cards” on Monsoon’s marketplace (after they take out their fees) to other people, assuming there are actually people that want these. This also brings up the question of who actually would want these. I’m not sure why anyone would want Zombicide digital collectible cards, as they don’t appear to have any gameplay value. Is there a massive demand for digital trading cards? These aren’t physical promo cards you can throw on ebay. Just images on a computer screen. But I also don’t understand why people would pay a ton of money for computer-generated ugly monkey art, so maybe I’m out of the loop.


  1. I honestly thought I was reading it wrong. $10 for a pack of digital cards. I thought the price was steep for ACTUAL cards, but knowing they are digital, I was honestly thinking I misread something.

    I appreciate your review and agree whole heardedly.

  2. I was so sure it was a samedi, I used a new email sand password to log in. The artwork is pretty boring, and im pretty sure collectible, non-sport, cards were dead 20 years ago…

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