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Lanterns: The Harvest Festival iOS

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival iOS Review

About three years ago (or so) we reviewed an enjoyable little tile-laying game called Lanterns: The Harvest Festival. It had a fun theme and...
Lotus iOS

Lotus iOS review

The summer of 2016 brought us the annual Gen Con gaming convention and with it, hordes of new board games to play. One of...
Dresden Files Card Game iOS

Dresden Files Card Game iOS Review

The Dresden Files is one of my favorite book series and, even after 15 novels, I still find myself eagerly awaiting the newest adventure...
Race for the Galaxy iOS

Race for the Galaxy iOS Expansions Review

Last year we reviewed the utterly fantastic Race of the Galaxy mobile app. Temple Games took a much loved card game and polished it...
Cottage Garden iOS

Cottage Garden iOS Review

There’s this addictive computer game readers might have heard of that originated in Russia: Tetris. This block-packing insanity-inducer has on and off inspired similar...
Smash Up iOS

Smash Up iOS Review

There are a couple of primary axioms that strongly illustrate the reasons people will buy or switch to an iOS version of a game....
Through the Ages iOS

Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization iOS Review

Through the Ages is widely considered one of the best tabletop board games. The most recent analog edition, Through the Ages: A New Story...



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