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Fuse Review

Fuse Review

Renegade Games is a new publisher that I’ve been keeping my eye on lately. They first caught my attention with their visually pleasing game...
Train Heist

Train Heist Review

While I don’t always gravitate towards the old west theme, if there is one niche of that genre that's sure to suck me in,...

London Review

2017 was a fantastic year for new board games. My BGQ colleagues and gaming group alike would agree that, while years past have had...
Steel Arena: Friday Night Robot Fight

Steel Arena: Friday Night Robot Fight Review

In 2011, Hugh Jackman starred in a movie called Real Steel. It was a movie set in the neat future where boxing is now...
Balloon Pop

Balloon Pop Review

As a kid, my first indoctrination to push your luck dice games was Yahtzee of course. As I grew older, those dice games expanded...
Tides of Madness

Tides of Madness Review

I am not interested in licensed reskins of games. The IPs that have leant themselves to Monopoly, Love Letter and Risk (to name a...
Traders of Osaka

Traders of Osaka Review

I’ve always been a fan of games with a Japanese theme. From the old Avalon Hill game Shogun (renamed Samurai Swords and then renamed again...



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