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Legends of Andor Box Cover

Legends of Andor Review

My favorite type of game to play is a cooperative game. Cooperative games work perfectly with my family, my primary gaming group. I can...
On Tour

On Tour Review

Being in a band is a pretty glamorous job. Travel the world, perform to sold out shows, and have adoring fans screaming just to...
Between Two Cities Capitals

Between Two Cities: Capitals Expansion Review

Between Two Cities is Stonemaier Games take on the pick-and-pass drafting genre. If you haven’t played it before, you can read out our full...
Abyss: Kraken

Abyss: Kraken Review

Bruno Cathala had two fantastic games come out in 2014. One was the award-winning game Five Tribes. His other title, while overshadowed by the...
Tide of Iron

Tide of Iron Review

When I started writing reviews for Board Game Quest, one of the unexpected outcomes would be the diversification of my gaming experiences. In the...
Windup War

Windup War Review

As a kid, I watched Toy Story dozens of times. Now having watched it, and its sequels, a few more dozen times as a...
Cry Havoc

Cry Havoc Review

When we got home from Gen Con 2016, the first thing the tired crew here at BGQ did was catch up on some much-needed...



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