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The Catan 3D Edition is Coming Back


Catan 3d

Back in 2005, publisher Mayfair Games released a limited, 10th-anniversary edition of The Settler of Catan (back before the game was renamed to just be Catan). The edition wasn’t cheap, but it came in a wooden treasure chest, had sculpted terrain tiles, and was hand-painted. For fans of the game, this was the quintessential edition to get. They only produced 5000 copies of it, so it has unsurprisingly been long since out of print and hard to find. If you were looking for a copy, you would have to wait for one to pop up on the secondary market, but they usually go for $1,000-$1,500!

Catan BoxBut today, Catan Studios announced the release of the CATAN 3D Edition coming this summer. It’s not wholly surprising that they are releasing a new version of this edition as Catan has exploded in popularity over the past 10 years. It’s appeared on popular TV shows, on consoles, and you can even play it in VR now.

Much like the 2005 edition, this version will have sculpted tiles, be fully painted, and not be cheap. However, instead of coming in a fancy wooden box, this one appears to have a more standard, cardboard box. That’s less cool in my opinion, but probably more cost-effective.

You can pre-order this new version now on the Catan Shop for $300, with a projected shipping date of August 2021.


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    Take a look at mine at Thought-Forged.com. Easy to use, clean, durable, and beautiful without being too busy.

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