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  1. Whitfield
    Whitfield at |

    +1 on Dominion. Between Small World, Pandemic, and Dominion (all gifts I received for Christmas this past year), my wife keeps coming back to Dominion.

  2. Eva
    Eva at |

    The only games I have gotten my husband to play with me are Backgammon, Cards Against Humanity, Blokus, and Taboo. He will not play Scrabble or any other word-based game with me anymore. Looks like I’m going to have to learn Chess to play with him.

  3. Tayo
    Tayo at |

    It appears that your wife like card games or deck building games. Not that I don’t like this mechanic but they’re not really considered typical “board game”. I would be curious to know what are her top board games list.

  4. Rachel
    Rachel at |

    Thanks for this list! I am using it to figure out what game to buy to try to coerce my husband into playing with me.


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